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The festival lasts five days and celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance.
Every error is an error of substance, a betrayal of ignorance and inexperience, the academic equivalent of the double dribble.
Before communism, they never had that choice due to the rampant ignorance and lack of education.
The combination of her stubbornness and our ignorance make for a funny scene.
Message should include that deceit is a major way of our lives, ignorance is widespread.
That's a logical fallacy, specifically argument from ignorance.
Large carnivores or venomous snakes are often killed out of fear or ignorance.
Expressions of devotion, the lamps are believed to dispel the darkness of ignorance.
The biggest problem is ignorance, and you're putting a light on that ignorance.
Even the kids grown up in that area within the circle of ignorance.
Do some reading before proclaiming your ignorance for all to read.
And they wind up euthanized when people, out of vanity and hubris and ignorance, want a wolf.
To be sure, there is plenty of evidence that ignorance and irrationalism are rampant.
The real problem is that the check-engine light is a tool for the propagation of consumer ignorance about their cars.
We silence the cognitive dissonance through self-imposed ignorance.
One visit is all it takes and then you run away, ashamed of your ignorance, thinking everyone can tell.
Without that, the best-connected troops were still hobbled by ignorance.
Those laws still live, legal monuments to ignorance and to oppression.
His ignorance and unconquerable suspicion of strangers dig the pit into which he falls.
Among the clergy, there was much ignorance, servility and pragmatism.
All these things happen to them by reason of their ignorance of what is good and evil.
Let ignorance talk as it will, learning has its value.
One reason could be unacknowledged ignorance about our line of work.
He describes an unfathomable ignorance among the student and community folks.
Maybe it is an indifferent norm, rather than a sign of disrespect or ignorance.
However, in this case, my skepticism was based on ignorance.
But all of them have to be calm and friendly despite others' ignorance, rudeness, or sloppiness.
Unfortunately, the argument is also fuelled by ignorance, because nobody knows for sure what is happening to the climate.
Many fail to register, out of fear, ignorance or scepticism that aid will reach them.
The rate of creeping ignorance seems to have climbed exponentially.
It is ignorance that leads us to embrace a conception of subjective value.
There are, after all, perfectly rational reasons for this ignorance.
There is something utterly engrossing about witnessing the spectacle of blithe ignorance in the face of impending doom.
Because fanaticism and ignorance is forever busy, and needs feeding.
The reporter on the stunning ignorance of his captors when it comes to the world.
It is undeniably true that neurobiological research is often pursued in a context of great ignorance.
Lax government oversight, industry indifference, and consumer ignorance allow mislabeling to flourish.
Beauregard's ignorance and racism were unmistakable.
What keeps people from being diagnosed and treated is ignorance.
The reason they are not is because of greed and ignorance.
It's always politics, ignorance and greed pushing no legislation and bad stewardship.
It is a sign of both intellectual and social ignorance.
Profit is continuing under the guise of idealism, fear and ignorance.
We see more and more evidence of their ignorance every day: day after day after day.
When you believe an imaginary being has control of your life and the world, crazy is easy and ignorance the norm.
It made for a great learning experience for my kids on hypocrisy, ignorance, myopic views and wastefulness.
Education can fix ignorance, but the unwise are beyond teaching.
Your ignorance on ethanol shows how you have sallowed big oil's propaganda hook, line and sinker.
So using scientific deduction, if it isn't politics making that smell, it must be ignorance.
Ultimately, the root cause of the majority of humanity's problems is ignorance.
The global warming hockey stick shows an ignorance of statistics or the history of warming in the world.
But trying to state a precise number that has absolutely no basis is ignorance.
When the newspaper in your rival's town comes after you, the smartest thing to do is plead ignorance.
Ignorance is so unbecoming in a university president.
Indeed, so complete is their ignorance that when a kitten strays into the garden it is treated as a savage intruder.
He admires journalists, yet professes disdain for their economic ignorance and limited world view.
Because no plaintiff can claim ignorance of tobacco's hazards, its manufacturers cannot be held negligent for selling it.
Sauces correspond to certain dishes, but ignorance yields lively combinations.
Another part of the problem, it must be said, is public ignorance.
The same ideological arrogance and willful ignorance that drove the invasion informed the crucial early months of the occupation.
In their ignorance, they often tolerate ignorant news reporters who in turn tolerate ignorant politicians.
For that regrettable ignorance the following is a small attempt at a remedy.
Ignorance and fanaticism is ever busy and needs feeding.
What follows is a helpful guide to make sure that your own ignorance does not stand in the way of your enthusiasm or enjoyment.
Perhaps a better defense for the boys than ignorance would be indifference.
There is awe at our own power and at our own ignorance.
We are laughing at a lack of judgment and ignorance.
There was this remarkable combination of hubris, excitement, and staggering ignorance.
Saying people are ignorant without proof shows your ignorance.
Ignorance and myth have given way to an extraordinarily detailed understanding of life, matter and the universe.
Scams depend on ignorance, usually plus fear or greed, on the part of the user.
Your ignorance and that of the physics community is deep, in your face and obnoxious.
Their ignorance is deep and they are involved in self deception which translates to a sinister plot.
Sheesh, your ignorance is only matched by your arrogance.
Another negative effect is the present ignorance-fueled anti-nuclear energy movement.
Many pundits show complete ignorance of the technological potential for countering global warming.
It's really all part of the same culture of ignorance.
The ignorance of cold fusion is what keeps the prices of oil high.
Elsewhere he is permitted to stop up his ears and sink into willful ignorance.
Their ignorance of the theology of even their own tradition is great.
It also arises from his ignorance of history, particularly the history of revolutionary movements.
What sickens me about left-wing people, especially the intellectuals, is their utter ignorance of the way things actually happen.
And to her credit, she does not pretend that this wholesale theft was an edifying triumph over monkish ignorance.
Price-to-volume ratio is outrageous, suggesting indifference to the consumer and ignorance of the market.
It's ignorance combined with cynical politics and irrelevance.
It is a mark of parochial ignorance, of course, but it also reflects a way of ordering society.
One can hardly charge this humane statesman with either ignorance or callousness.
The ignorance of the population is actually the result of a deliberate decision by the city's builders.
That's the value of simulation in science, to spotlight our ignorance.
The tragedy, born out of ignorance, occurred in nearly every country in the world.
He confesses his ignorance, says he doesn't know anything about it, and comes to an amazing conclusion anyway.
We enjoy a confluence of overwhelming ignorance with overweening arrogance.
The prevailing ignorance is somewhat understandable.
Sean, what is interesting is public ignorance of the evidence for the big bang.
She screwed up and now she's trying to cover that ignorance up with even more ignorance and outright lies.
After all ignorance provides the easiest path for evil to follow.
The conceit and ignorance on display here is astounding but entirely expected.
The ignorance of history in this country is not limited to the right.
Kyle, extraordinary ignorance requires extraordinary knowledge.
Usually the stigma is based on ignorance, when people have no real knowledge about mental illness and recovery.
Usually, this is based on ignorance, people lacking knowledge about mental illness and recovery.
Claiming ignorance of the above federal laws is not a sufficient reason not to comply.
We cannot expect those living in poverty and ignorance to worry about saving the world.
She smiled sweetly and proclaimed ignorance at the supposed feud.
And that ignorance can have serious medical consequences.

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