igniter in a sentence

Example sentences for igniter

Pop off the igniter, plug it in and let the downloads commence.
Don't drive it in too deeply or you risk damaging the igniter.
The red firing handle will connect to the activation housing, the flexible cable that links the firing handle to the igniter.
Place the flask in the safety igniter and position so that the filter paper will be in line with the infra-red beam.
Check burners for obstructions and make sure the igniter is working.
Propane igniter works properly and is secured to wand.
If the sample self extinguished after a peak in the heat release rate, then the spark igniter was re-inserted.
Thus, this combustion regime could be termed marginal with either no or only limited flame propagation away from the igniter.
Check that propane igniter torch is mounted properly and is securely attached to wand.
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