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Example sentences for idly

They are not going to sit idly by and watch that happen.
As he searched, he idly tossed a stone into a hole in a cliff.
It stopped and hovered between me and a group of surfers floating idly on their boards.
Frequently he catches people in the strange trance state that freeway driving induces or glancing idly at the cars around them.
He set the bucket beside home plate and idly chopped at the air with the bat.
She is wearing a chic ensemble and tapping idly at a computer.
One day he notices her idly sketching and suggests that he come by her apartment to pose for her.
When you're surfing idly through the blogosphere, the cost of interruption is low.
They didn't stand idly, as many models do, or indifferently.
She was humming to herself and idly kicking the log with her heels.
However, appellant cannot sit idly by while his counsel proceeds to waive his right to a jury.
Instead of offenders idly sitting in jail, offenders can be out working in their communities.
We cannot afford to sit idly by and let them be maligned any longer.
The dynamic accuracy is adequate to measure the rap-idly changing flaw angles and airspeed without significant distortion.
Don't idly walk down the fence row daydreaming with your shotgun slung over your shoulder.
Counsel may not sit idly by while a defendant testifies falsely.
In metastatic or primary liver cancer, the liver becomes infiltrated with deposits of cancer cells that can grow rap-idly.

Famous quotes containing the word idly

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