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And a lot of composers simply don't write in an idiomatic fashion for the instrument.
But far harder to detect are cultural and idiomatic differences.
Focus on vocabulary or expressions that are unknown or idiomatic.
Idiomatic or usual form of speech, not meant to be offensive.
All the truly idiomatic and national phrases are kept, and all others successively picked out, and thrown away.
In the first case the word is used in a colorless idiomatic sense, while in the second it is the verb in its full meaning.
In experiment two, targets were phrases that could be given either an idiomatic or a literal interpretation.
Formulaic language is widely recognized to be of central importance to fluent and idiomatic language use.
The two basic types of translation are generally referred to as verbatim and idiomatic.
Avoid medical terminology or professional jargon, as well as slang and idiomatic expressions.

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