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But they seem to sense the necessity of speaking the jazz idiom out of their own convictions.
The dialogue is brilliant too, with every character speaking and thinking in his or her own idiom.
There are no traces of the restraint imposed by a foreign idiom.
The grammatical difficulties, that is, are complicated by considerations of idiom.
It is usually said here, as the idiom does of waking thought, that the mind interprets impressions of nerve-stimuli in sleep.
Anyone ever thought of an idiom: give an inch, take a mile.
They must also avoid the jargon of contemporary academic criticism and write in a public idiom.
Mantel contrives an unusual solution to the problem of idiom.
And if that means that in some way they share in some of the music and even some of the idiom of the material, that makes sense.
But subsequent speakers may have kicked the ladder away and memorized the idiom by rote.
Each is a story, a sequence of ambivalent metaphors, a personal revelation couched in the idiom of the faith.
Another has led composers to write new operas in a contemporary musical idiom.
It's near impossible to imagine our idiom and vernacular, let alone our liturgy, without them.
The heroic idiom in which his theory speaks of discovery is not audible in the poems themselves.
But commitment to the idiom gives its own profound satisfactions.
If a critic's ear for idiom fails him, self-parody waits in the wings.
Its original, apparently seamless mixture of different performances on a single record helped redefine the pop idiom.
At first, the conversational idiom is falsely debonair, the plot too easily manipulated.
Told in a different idiom, hers could be a fairly humdrum narrative.
He likes not knowing every bit of vernacular or idiom.
Use a dictionary or other reference to find definitions of the terms dialect and idiom.
In each section there are dialogs in which the student is to supply an appropriate missing idiom, choosing from the list of ten.
Group draws a poster of the true meaning of the idiom.
In control sentences, the final words of the idiom were used in nonidiomatic expressions.
The interpreter should seek an equivalent idiom or relate the meaning of the original idiom or saying.
How the different elements in the activity have been transferred into idiom can then be explored.
Some of the new performers were clearly from the folk idiom.

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