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These ridges form, in different individuals, distinctive and permanent patterns which can be used for purposes of identification.
The first case may be referred to as identification, the second as composition.
Now, it is plain that such identification must have been much more perfect in a state of nature than it is in a state of reason.
As the military learned, positive identification depends on having a large data set of known insurgents.
The home dental plaque identification test identifies plaque, a sticky substance that collects around and between teeth.
Responsible for high-end prospective donors and participate in identification of potential leadership and major donors.
This, he notes, creates a need for both identification and verification of trust in what is generally an untrustworthy milieu.
When students or employees want to use a bike, they will send a text message with the bike's identification number to a server.
The newspaper said it was not naming the gunman because the police have not completed their identification of his body.
Works with faculty on the identification of revenue-generating strategies across the college.
His attention to such tiny details ultimately settled the identification of the sea monster.
The problem of identification is one of context, form and dating.
All brown pelicans were fitted with special identification bands on their legs.
His discoveries posed for him, as for others, a problem of identification.
Below, a note advises check writers to use their dental records in lieu of the usual forms of identification.
For the moment, though, the identification of the bones could go either way.
Her identification methods consisted of patiently training her microscope on grains of starch caught in the calculus.
It would seem to me that the biggest difference might not be in political beliefs but rather in party identification.
Some tumour cells escape identification and go on to cause cancer.
Current video-content identification technology is wanting.
Even upon identification, the mental afflictions of the wealthy are exceptionally difficult to treat.
But many identification cards have yet to be distributed.
Before that identification of the people was completely different.
US citizens whose flights originate from a foreign country must meet these identification requirements.
Health insurance identification is often delivered in one of two ways: either mailed or e-mailed.
Both overlap during winter, but the clinal variation makes identification problematic.
Check the resin identification code on the bottom of a plastic bottle to determine whether it's acceptable for recycling.
Have students reflect on their species identification.
Before she can make a positive identification, the light is green, and we're off.
Earlier, the charges were dropped against one when she said she was unsure of her identification.
Don't let your identification of the sound stop you from listening.
Both critic and subject resist identification on the sole basis of gender.
The newer methods of identification rely heavily on both probability theory and precise measurement.
Radio-frequency identification tags label all kinds of inventoried goods and speed commuters through toll plazas.
Each tag incorporates a tiny microchip encoded with a unique identification number.
Custom walnut plinths inlaid with porcelain identIfication plaques.
As the police prepared to drive away, the writer asked them why they hadn't asked for any identification.
Tells about the weakness of her identification of him.
It's the opposite of empathy and identification with others.
We know that many people are wrongly convicted of crimes on the basis of faulty identification by eyewitnesses.
But when he deals with fiction- al characters he carries identification over the top.
Providing guidelines for consumer-product identification keeps the always looming marketplace at bay, even if only slightly.
The authorities were rushing to complete the process of identification.
What is an object as opposed to background is a mental construct and requires the identification of clear boundaries.
Hundreds of specimens lie in collecting trays awaiting identification.
He spellbinds, he knocks you over the head with the power of his identification with what he sees.
Common to both is the confident identification of necessity in the present course of events.
Perhaps, given the vast increases in voter registration and the shift in party identification, that is precisely what will happen.
Each strand then has a fluorescent-tagged base added to allow identification.
If there is a match between two samples, then identification is certain.
The insect was aspirated and sent to the lab for further identification.
Identification of the gene should give researchers insight into the developmental pathways of speech.
We divided the pods into different clans based on our identification of their dialects, he says.
Bank machines have built-in safeguards against fraud and machine error-paper receipts, identification cards, camera surveillance.
The threads are faster to read and more durable than the bar codes and radio chips now used for identification.
Far from improving security, this device grossly degrades the value of fingerprints for identification.
Researchers plan to use radio frequency identification tags to track every pipe, beam and hammer that enters or leaves a site.
For example, it suggests that a user might have an identification technology connected to her cell phone.
Driver's licenses have long been the gold standard of personal identification, and nothing good comes when impostors get them.
There are two types of identification licenses which may be obtained for identification purposes only.
The identification and even the dating of tree-hole stains is hardly a precise science.
Theoretically, anyone can become a member, as long as they profess a loose identification with the group's objectives.
Ads emphasized brand identification and appealed to consumers' hunger for prestige and status.
We all know it's silly and immature to seek self-esteem through identification with your college football team.
Migrants need three forms of identification to find employment in the cities legally, although this is often not the case.
It might mean he had been trained to discard them to make identification harder, the guide explains.
But some issues remain unresolved, such as identification of mechanisms that bring genetic potential to fruition.
But this also has slots for your credit cards and a plastic window for displaying your driver's license or other identification.
The study underscores the profound need for the identification and intervention in the vicious cycle of family violence.

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