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Aside from the distinctive music, mariachi are almost immediately identifiable by their couture.
It shakes out the little guy who is identifiable and the big criminals continue to operate.
There will never be an identifiable cause for autism.
We will seek parental consent before collecting any personally identifiable information.
Their extra-tall, pointed dorsal fins are easily identifiable.
They are easily identifiable by the blue and red skin on their faces and their brightly hued rumps.
Sixteen mummies still had identifiable hearts or arteries.
It comes as something of a surprise, therefore, to discover that many of them have no identifiable function whatever.
Each variety had a distinct fragrance from the others, but all were easily identifiable as a rose fragrance.
What is outside, or persons not identifiable with ourselves, has been disregarded or resented.
Of course there are many other even less uniform shapes the universe could have, with or without an identifiable centre.
There are identifiable stars who know they are stars.
Please do not provide any personally identifiable information on the actual sheet, so all results will be anonymous.
Partially full containers of sloshy liquid seem to be easily identifiable.
Even closer parallels in the intellectual-property business have identifiable standards.
They could now choose to be less identifiable on the road.
Although this can be cost-effective, it is likely to work only when pollutants come from identifiable sources.
Demonstrators therefore deserve protection only if they are identifiable.
One is security, and the need to be identifiable at all times.
Lottery takings might slump if their operators could not point to a range of identifiable, lottery-supported projects.
But there are clear trends, and an identifiable majority.
But this significantly exceeds his identifiable investment income in those years.
Yahoo's policy had strictly prohibited the sale or rental of personally identifiable information.
It is one of the few left with an identifiable personality.
Cletus, whose lying is his only identifiable character trait, gets a social worker's job as the movie begins.
He believes that many misdiagnoses are the result of readily identifiable-and often preventable-errors in thinking.
Military action requires an identifiable target, preferably a state.
The sea of students was tutored in the now identifiable consensus hand signs used by the movement.
Often the symptoms of this disorder come on rapidly and without an identifiable stressor.
Seen from this perspective, the oft-cited metric of low to no turnout of identifiable demonstrators is beside the point.
It doesn't much matter where, because the place would not have been familiar or identifiable to him.
On one hand, yes, writers are protected to express opinions without being identifiable.
Identifiable traits can be physical, such as hand contours or retina patterns.
The more specific and real you can get, the more identifiable it is for everybody else.
The quality of graphics is high and the shirt patterns are identifiable on the screen.
Of the four soldiers who committed suicide, two seem to be easily identifiable as poor candidates to send into a combat zone.
Basic first aid kits should be clearly marked and easily identifiable by all members of a camping party.
The only identifiable object amid shards of wood was a twig wreath with red flowers.
Steel hull plating, steam boilers and other machinery are identifiable.
Surely there are identifiable parts of the brain that light up when the spatial tasks are being done.
Tiny in the photographs but with identifiable features nonetheless.
There will never be an identifiable cause for autism.
The fact that fossil species are discrete and identifiable is more interesting.
Without a clear methodology and clearly observable, identifiable phenomena, yes.
Stem cell form the base or beginning of all cells they are harboured before any identifiable cells are formed.
Not only that, but a million searches each week include the name of an identifiable food item.
Laws prohibit doctors from talking about patients using individually identifiable information.
The earliest sensation at the onset of illness, often preceding the recognition of identifiable symptoms, is apprehension.
Perhaps it is that unfair exclusion is tolerated in case no readily identifiable group is involved.
She might have no identifiable disease at the time the mutation is found.
Minimum identifiable form would limit the amount of identifiable data.
Police said the only identifiable marks on body were the three tattoos.

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