identical twin in a sentence

Example sentences for identical twin

For example, compare identical twin correlations on a trait with fraternal twin correlations.
Their findings: an identical twin's behavior could help predict that of his or her sibling, but not so with fraternal pairs.
For example, when one genetically identical twin is autistic, the other is usually not autistic.
Relativity dictates that when he comes back, he is younger than his identical twin brother.
So the first one is identical twin studies done with humans that were separated at birth.
Take two identical twin females of average intelligence and energy level ethic raised in the same household.
Unless you've got an identical twin, we're all genetically different.
Each identical twin had virus populations that didn't resemble those of their sibling-or anybody else, for that matter.
The only cure is a transplant of blood stem cells from a close relative or preferably an identical twin.
Identical twin sisters are brought up separately, differently.
And that is where the world's first serving identical twin heads of a national government now find themselves.
Police have a homicide and a witness, but the likely suspect has an identical twin.
The identical twin forwards were among the nation's leading college scorers as freshmen.
One family member who has had testicular cancer and who also has an identical twin brother.
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