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Instead the walls are lined with row after row of identical plaques.
On the face of things, the outcomes are identical in both situations.
Animals and their clones, though, don't always look identical.
Two castes of paper wasps are genetically identical.
If you raise these tasty posies with identical care, you can pluck them from your own garden for dining.
The company decides that they will retrofit a number of identical planes and refuel in the air.
The buildings have identical heights and footprints, but their entrances tell the story of architecture's evolution.
Those figures have remained almost identical for three years in a row-and are down on those of a decade ago.
Fill five identical plastic bottles with varying amounts of water.
Being identical to human hormones means they are unpatentable.
Planted, they will produce trees similar but not identical to their two parent trees.
Be sure to make the leg pairs mirror images of each other, not identical.
The image reveals that the second jet is perfectly identical to its twin, with symmetrical knots and whorls of material.
There are no identical units in art, because no two works are ever absolutely similar, making exact calculation impossible.
Last year, two identical copies of one of these comp journals began to arrive.
The experiment looks to see which particle arrives first under identical conditions.
Henry has created a standard calendar that is identical from year to year.
Suppose you put take two identical cans of soda out of the fridge and place them on the floor in the middle of a room.
The sound quality is not yet identical to that of a real performance, though.
Cash will become identical to social points, which is the ultimate point of the money system anyway.
Once the walls are constructed, however, all the corals look virtually identical.
Most chess sets come with opposed sets of identical pieces.
They begin to believe in their work as identical with the public good.
By mid-spring, her brood can number thousands of genetically identical descendants.
The radio waves that pulse from the poles are identical to each other.
Joe doll was identical to that of his white counterpart, merely painted brown.
Physically, the phone is nearly identical to the previous generation.
Globalisation is the more or less simultaneous marketing and sale of identical goods and services around the world.
Scenes without dialogue, for example, might be identical in both language versions.
In fact, it's nearly identical to its predecessor, albeit with a new story and hundreds of new puzzles.
Otherwise the reading interface on the two apps is identical.
Cut out two identical pieces of cotton flannel using the diaper pattern and a pair of fabric scissors.
If there are indeed many identical copies of you, the traditional notion of determinism evaporates.
Incoming photons excite the atoms in the material, and make them spit out more identical photons.
They must have used a cheap one, though, if the papers were identical.
The two controls are each against a chemically identical amorphous solid or achiral single crystal.
They are created by joining identical cubes at their faces.
Hide enough weight inside the smaller one so that its weight is identical to that of the larger object.
In this case the blockade is a so-called momentum barrier between two identical molecules experiencing mutual repulsion.
He feels that designs today are stamped out in identical dyes and that the art of making things by hand has been too long lost.
The dissertation and research components may be essentially identical.
Their identical faces have acquired the same wrinkles.
One option is to send the identical email again, with no reference to the first email.
Not close to killer whales genetically, the false killer whale has a nearly identical skull shape, hence it was given that name.
More important, the flashes of temper are almost identical.
The book's structure and topics are almost identical to those of many current composition manuals.
No, the ad was identical except for the deadline date.
The programme is also offered in a two-year modular format with an identical curriculum.
Wine lists often have multiple vintages in a row, and names can sound similar, or even identical.
The committee reviewed my case the following academic year, although its composition had remained almost identical.
Other tests have been conducted with the same identical conclusions.
The vintage nature of the materials ensures that no two pieces are exactly identical.
The two talks may even be on identical subjects, but one carries much more weight.
Structurally it may seem identical to all the others.
The atoms' physical properties, such as their motions, became identical to one another.
All the buildings are impersonal-the window washers have made them sparkle, but they are identical and forgettable.
Interestingly, all of the postings are written in nearly identical styles.
It is simply not true that the program offerings are identical or even nearly so at community colleges and career colleges.
The chemical and optical characters of the two portions are identical with those of the rods.
The preparations are identical with those in a private house, the decorations and menu may be lavish or simple.
They were next door to each other, and they had virtually identical bamboo-and-wood decors.
Their costumes were identical and appeared to be store-bought.
Given that these two books have nearly identical subject matter, it is unsurprising that their covers have a common denominator.
The computer gave both sets of users who received feedback identical, glowing praise throughout the experiment.
If all the strains had developed identical defenses, this could not have happened.
The virtual arms contacted virtual objects, which were identical visually but differed in texture.
Despite the great age of the fossils, they are almost identical to harvestmen that can be found in the garden today.
Matter and antimatter share nearly identical properties except the antiparticle has an opposite electric charge from the particle.
The egg case silk was shown to be composed of nearly identical, repeating sequences.
Except for darker, elongated spots, king cheetahs are genetically identical to other cheetahs.
Many animals and plants are clones, usually identical copies of their mothers.
Although the nine images seem to be identical, they hold slightly different information about the objects.
The principle is almost identical, but detection and filtering methods are radically different.
Opposite shoes on a vacuum left foot melt to identical socks with different transition energies.
Crucially, the cultured cells are genetically identical to the diseased ones in the patient.
The other half were given a spray identical in appearance but lacking active ingredients.
Fairness in trade is identical to fairness in politics.
They nonetheless made nearly identical choices, opting for funds with good past performance and largely neglecting fees.
So, from a certain perspective, they are nearly identical publications.
They can have an identical twin which takes over should the original fail.
Levittown was the original suburbia: a place of identical detached single-family houses with white picket fences.
Obviously it makes sense to choose a product that has been grown locally over an identical product shipped in from afar.
The children were dressed in identical yellow quilted jackets and pants.
These correlation studies are meaningless unless the groups who get married or don't get married are identical to begin with.
Also, the online pix look identical yet the magazine article said the fire hydrant was added.
Which isn't to say that his notions about family narrative were identical to theirs.
The two propositions are not, in any case, identical or logically connected.
There is no nutrient difference between brown and white hens fed identical diets.
Chimpanzees are close relatives to humans, but they're not identical to us.
The only cure is a transplant of blood stem cells from a close relative or preferably an identical twin.
It had a good, strong lemon flavor, identical to the jarred powdered teas found in every supermarket.
Flocculation also occurs between genetically identical cells that express the same cell surface proteins.
They were formed by genetically identical cells that grew and divided, but never separated.
The hemispheres flopped away from each other, two identical slabs of fleshy neurons.
The pattern of the shock should be identical, or dang close.
The two are not identical, and his continued equating the two is deliberate on his part.
It turns out that the genome of the synthetic cell is not identical to its original, even if you ignore the watermarks.
Explain why there's an identical scorch mark on my new shirt.
With no size any rotational state of the singularity is identical to any other rotational state.
They're not identical, but there's no sign of genetic differences large enough to explain clan differences.
Not surprisingly, the two are near-identical in terms of their form factor.
The first five off the line will be identical to the record-setting car.
Two identical buttons above the keyboard serve different purposes.
The leaked power and weight figures are close, but not identical to what has been officially released.
Each food item was presented in identical clear packaging, with the name of the food printed at the top.
When given otherwise identical samples, people say food in brand-name wrappers tastes better.
It's always identical, whether the movie ends up working or not.
The second study was identical to the first but added a control group that got no information about parenting at all.

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