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Blue-ribbon panel after blue-ribbon panel has advocated some variation of the same set of fiscal policy reform ideas.
Academe is supposed to be a place where the free exchange of ideas can occur.
In an age of disruptive innovation, ideas are currency.
Revolutions often spring from the simplest of ideas.
We received a lot of great costume ideas but few with photos and fewer yet with instructions on how to build it.
Enthusiasm for the future abounds and investments in new ideas make a whole lot of sense.
Some ideas that seem clever don't quite work as toys.
The fellowship seeks to help winners develop their ideas more quickly than they would at a traditional university.
As the brainstorming ideas are hypothesized as years down the road, the pressure is momentarily off.
The show is not to be missed if you are interested in ingenious ideas transformed into art.
Science fiction is the last great literature of ideas.
And yet few stopped to consider their maker, who at times sketched one or two product ideas an hour at his drafting table.
Prisons were built around the noble ideas of rehabilitation.
Such evidence that social attachments alter the brain's response to drugs may spur new ideas for addiction treatment.
For those folks who have posted their philosophy somewhere, they will likely pop up, and will give you some ideas.
These revolutionary findings not only change our ideas about babies, they give us a fresh perspective on human nature itself.
Each month, we'll propose a scenario and present some ideas and concepts.
The humans also couldn't produce ideas at the scale of the algorithm.
It's the place where great ideas go to rest until somebody figures out a new way to use them.
Once again we'll be featuring seven weekly guides chock full of geeky present ideas.
It is a story of how ideas changed about the nature of the atom.
If by ideas you mean fictions and fancies of the mind, then these are no ideas.
We then entered upon the second stage in the conflict, that of ideas and opinions.
Pain and pleasure are simple ideas, incapable of definition.
There are a thousand kinds of ideas which it is impossible to translate into popular language.
Start-ups are given office space on the university campus, and entrepreneurs and researchers mingle and exchange ideas.
It will foster a culture of can-do leaders who will persevere to create breakthrough products and next ideas.
My instructor creates an atmosphere in which ideas can be exchanged freely.
In any case, you're part of what geographers call cultural diffusion-the spread of items and ideas across boundaries.
Ask students to contribute their ideas as to why these lines might have been drawn on the map.
What fashion teaches us about the federation of ideas.
Some people seem more naturally open to new ideas and able to put them to innovative uses.
The simple answer is that the industrial age produced a business model that involved canning ideas in saleable packages.
It is not specifically for homes, but the ideas apply.
The neuroscience of choice exposes the power of ideas.
Because as even children know, in science two ideas are not equally worthy of being presented if one of them is wrong.
So you wind up with super creative, yet practical, ideas.
We have been trying for years to fix problems using our ingenious ideas.
The simplest ideas are best at harnessing underwater wave energy.
The stated rationale is to preserve everyone's ability to throw out wild-eyed ideas.
Add these fun ideas on how to make a getaway romantic.
Of course, you could always space these recipe ideas out over the course of the holiday instead of eating them all in one go.
There are no fewer than seven flagpoles for the running up of ideas.
He wanted them to figure it out for themselves, show him their ideas.
Because all you do when you write ideas down is kind of immortalize something that should go away.
Overall, many of these ideas are good, but some are better than others.
Intense exercise can be a great way to shift into right hemisphere in order to access new ideas and solutions.
Here, the objective is to seed positive ideas and memories that will attract you to the brand.
For now, the conversation exists in a space of ideas, not execution.
We work alone, and come up with ten new ideas a week, hundreds a year.
He began to record his own ideas, which soon filled two thousand pages.
The distinction between real property and intellectual property-between things and ideas-has been blurred.
He was a reader and a thinker and a social observer, and his mind produced ideas, not opportunities for commerce.
Ideas about what can cause a tall city tower to shake were on a lot of our minds.
In the long run, a campaign based on unpopular ideas may change the country forever.
Unfortunately, in case it needs restating, freshwater economics turned out to be based on two ideas that aren't true.
But demos of both operating systems suggest that users could face a confusing mishmash of design ideas and interaction methods.
The team also use their new ideas to study the spread of infections which do not confer immunity on recovered individuals.
The proposed counter top ideas for use are underwhelming, but that does not diminish the value.
What's curious about this new thinking is that none of the mechanisms it relies on are new ideas.
Many coders and system designers, as well as those who market their work, read science fiction for ideas as well as entertainment.
Id say hes made a bet with another billionaire or his alter ego to see if its possible his ideas about reality are right.
Imagine what new ideas the innovation ecosystem will bring to the development of biofuels in the next decade.
Your suggestion is one of the many ideas which is good.
Although he's cautious about overusing the term, he emphatically supports the notion of sharing ideas while competing.
These are important points, because poor communication is a huge barrier to creativity and the successful implementation of ideas.
Despite new ideas and experimental activity, it is possible that none of these tests will find any support for string theory.
As a theoretician, though, he is used to tackling big ideas.
Backed by this well-earned credibility, his audacious ideas are sparking fascination and taking flight.
It's involved in updating old ideas, while the left half is involved in maintaining them.
Many word-ideas die quickly at this point, or are transmuted or sharpened.
Researchers from various disciplines volleyed ideas back and forth.
Hillis is in the process of rolling out these and more ideas in a series of increasingly complex prototypes.
He had a linguist rate each sample for density of ideas and grammatical complexity.
The standard scientific practice of testing ideas with mathematical models was alien to him.
The group did receive some good ideas and suggestions, he adds, but found no smoking guns.
To the left of this peak, you have too few people--not enough ideas.
Science is a method for finding out which ideas about the universe are consistent with observed facts and which are not.
But ideas do not reside in the ivory tower of our usual metaphor about academic irrelevance.
But there are some ideas about how to fight that trend and prevent dust from poisoning people and contributing to global warming.
History shows that, inbuilt though that capacity may be, ideas can short-circuit it.
Scientists are possessed by their ideas and what they want to do.
We're looking for your innovative ideas, informed opinion and first-hand experience.
Ideas shape architecture and architecture shapes our world.
Their working relationship is so close that they'll sometimes come to the table with remarkably similar ideas.
They showed me into this office and told me to start writing down some ideas.
They tossed around ideas and thought about what they liked.
He came to power accidentally, but not without ideas about what he wanted to do.
They're the ones who came up with the ideas and schemes.
The problem is when you get so many ideas, you don't have the time to record them.
She would interview them, and these conversations got transcribed for story ideas.
Her ideas were always dominated by what she felt her public image should be.
Moreover, in what he did write his keenest ideas remain entangled in a dense network of antiquarian erudition.
When words lose their integrity so do the ideas they express.
All of this facilitated a rapid dissemination of new ideas and a dramatic and visible clash of conflicting views.
Sometimes, however, the originators of the critical ideas and insights are not credited for their contributions.
The rest of the world has followed their example in ideas also.

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