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They were fashioning their own moral ideals to counter the ones bequeathed to them.
It has a lot to do with the parenting as well, as much of the ideals and beliefs come from them.
Many even within his own administration are unhappy with this apparent betrayal of his green ideals.
But wedding traditions often conflict with green ideals.
We need to preserve biodiversity not out of any noble ideals but for our own preservation.
We treat all these things as ideals in themselves, overvalue them ridiculously.
They speak more loudly and more proudly of a country's special gifts, and of its ideals.
Globalization has come to symbolize the ideals and the evils of modern progress.
The public looks to the nation's past to validate its core ideals and affirm a record of progress and accomplishment.
Parks nourish the human spirit, help sustain the planet, and reflect the ideals of the societies that protect them.
We'll even forgo our ideals and torture people to keep ourselves safe.
Upright, industrious and unwavering in the pursuit of his ideals.
We don't get angry when people profess low ideals and behave better.
Each side ultimately will see its ideals incorporated into the network.
Ideals are abstract, but the world is concrete, and part of being an adult is facing that.
For example, code needs to be compatible with our ideals of privacy and free speech.
It's been my latest big push to change people's ideals and open up their minds to the possibilities.
But the popular online encyclopedia won't stray far from its open-source ideals.
We can hold ourselves to higher ideals than our enemies or sink to their level.
The idea of being forced to recycle and reuse, must seem somewhat anathema to these newfound ideals.
Both ideals will continue in parallel, the tough and boring alongside the fun easy.
Yet some query whether it always fulfils the high ideals of its humanitarian mandate.
In one sort, scholars use wisdom, learning and high ideals to fortify the citadel of truth.
In his inaugural address he discussed ideals in secondary education.
It has long embodied power, political expediency and ideals of progress.
It's interesting, because you have to look at the ideals behind our government.
Their recipe, too, is an attempt at communicating the group's social and spiritual ideals through the medium of food.
Each season the theatre stages productions that embody the ideals of family life, multiculturalism and national pride.
Another thing that makes his heroism seem so extraordinarily human is that he had no illusions, only ideals.
The traditional ideals-centered on work, discipline and self-denial-had been replaced by a culture of self-indulgence.
Ideals are necessarily targets, not results, but they can motivate people well.
Wise heads still argue about whether the cold war was principally a long misunderstanding, a contest of ideals or a power rivalry.
It seeks to embody and thereby to demonstrate the feasibility of certain ideals of participatory democracy.
But equality appears to pull against other important ideals such as liberty and efficiency.
Despite seeming vague, though, national curriculums do often encapsulate some aspect of national ideals.
But it often takes the form of a yearning to live up to the nation's professed ideals.
They seemed to me to be pursuing neither ideals not happiness, they were pursuing a routine.
To be fair, no country lives up to the ideals expressed in its laws.
We're dissatisfied because the current state didn't live up to their ideals.
But when your ideals cross the line from practice to pontification, you've gone too far.
So while they have political ideals, they certainly don't have an explicit political program.
Their ideals were, to be sure, mostly narrow and sectarian.
There are differences between cultural ideals and actual behavior.
Both express vigorous dissatisfaction with the social order, but beyond that, they convey ideals that are probably irreconcilable.
The ideals of postwar humanity, however, have not been entirely forgotten.
But they yoke those ideals to pursuits of frisky entertainment or earnest politics.
The museum considers personal style, fashion, and ideals of beauty as seen.
Pursuing our interests and spreading our ideals thus requires stealth and modesty as well as military strength.
Off the canvas, however, ascetic ideals were not much in evidence.
Militarism is the great preserver of our ideals of hardihood, and human life with no use for hardihood would be contemptible.
He is a normal politician, one whose behavior in office often times conflicts with the ideals that put him there.
It showed a desperate fight so real as to utterly obscure the underlying clash of conflicting ideals.
The fear and anger that it provoked was understandable, but in some cases, it led us to act contrary to our ideals.
He examines the clash between affirmative action and the ideals of a society in which opportunity is decided by testing.
They do not typify the profession, nor illustrate its ideals.
Myrdal urged whites to choose the nobility of their ideals over the comfort of long-standing social arrangements.
He only tried to hold fast to ideals crystallized at a moment of high pressure.
In the second place, he wished to relate economic principles and phenomena to his own social ideals and social philosophy.
Lastly, the revolution in literary ideals was peculiarly suitable for satire.
But his artistry, was also summoned to the service of his political and social ideals.
There are almost as many natural ideals of literary style as there are languages.
Every generation and every race has had its own ideals in the matter, has set its own fashions.
He was obsessed by the ideals of saintliness, and convinced of the supreme importance of not eating too much.
What has been the practical statesmanship which comes from your ideals and your sentimentalities.
Ideals and cultural differences often get in the way.
In fact, with its extreme patriarchy and polygamy it resembles the ideals of some non-Western societies.
We are holding to our ideals, no one got violent with police when they got violent with us.
Nature is not nearly so finicky or squeaky-clean as our ideals demand.
There's a point where any group moves from attempting to correct problems to wanting to impose their own ideals on everyone.
He did manage to write some of our best ideals down.
The rest of the rambling essay outlines some general principles and ideals about cognition enhancement.
They're extinct, relics of the prehistoric past, back when television pretended to espouse civic ideals.
He decided to set up a sub-business dedicated to commerce rather than ideals.
She was a beautiful reflection of others' ideals and fears.
Politically, both made drastic adjustments to their youthful ideals.
The low priority of high ideals is, practically speaking, built into the contemporary system.
Seeing him out here makes you feel that he is independent and self-sufficing, quietly and scrupulously devoted to his own ideals.
He also, though, justified his decision to settle there permanently in relation to his poetic ideals and development.
One serves one's faith by living up to the ideals of that faith.
But it's been tough to find organizations that match my ideals.
We are starting to put our money where our ideals are.
If you're a guy, you have certain ideals about what you think is attractive.
It's also about how people behave when their reality and their romantic ideals don't mesh.
Stand for your highest ideals, and take powerful action for bold new possibilities.

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