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Example sentences for idealism

The drive toward a greener future doesn't stem from idealism.
His ardour and idealism prepare us for the deeper spiritual sublimity of the puritan poet.
The idea is simple, but unhappily it has been a long time reaching us, being hindered by idealism and sentimentality.
It seems to me that the idealism of being able to duplicate nature's steaks is misguided and counter productive.
He took his generation's anger and curiosity and laziness and woolly idealism and gave it a hyper-articulate voice.
There are important issues of empiricism vs idealism here.
The launderers got our dough and walked on top of the eco frenzy that was fostered on pie in the sky idealism and green chatter.
Such youthful idealism as mine does not usually survive its encounter with reality.
Human progress has often been made in the space between idealism and savagery.
True realism requires a dose of idealism and optimism, or else policy becomes immobilized.
Age frays idealism, slackens zeal, and cools ferocity.
Editors' motives are a mix of idealism and commercial ambition.
The debate will be over priorities, transcending the longstanding debate between idealism and realism.
The conversions from realism to idealism are not wholly convincing.
Shopping, travelling and real money proved far more tempting than idealism.
The country needs another burst of practical idealism.
Yet the company's founders themselves may not be prepared to drop their idealism and their faith in their own mathematical genius.
It is time to stop dreaming about idealism and speaking rhetoric.
He appealed to the battered sense of honor and idealism that still resided beneath their scar tissue.
In foreign policy, he created an approach that wove together idealism with balance-of-power realism.
But, so far, the outcome of this imported idealism has been nothing but failure.
What is required is the same perseverance and idealism that our founders displayed.
Idealists believe in a subject-centered curriculum, and idealism emphasizes a coherence theory in testing.
Idealism is also the conformity to or the belief in ones ideas.

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