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He showed the romance of its past, the nobility of its ideal, the purity of its forms of prayer.
To this faith, founded in the ideal, let us hold-and never abandon or lose it.
His ultimate political ideal included nothing short of the welfare and the commercial federation of the world.
In every case, the ideal carefully avoided any appearance of thoroughness outside the domestic arts.
Ask students to list some of the things they would want to have in their ideal town.
Berries and cherries, with their high juice content, are ideal for ink making.
It would be ideal if students could draw their diagrams on large pieces of construction paper.
Four-wheel drives or all-weather tires are also ideal for navigating slippery and snowy roads.
Space, they say, is the ideal place to gather energy from the sun.
Stretch panels in the elbows make it ideal for a variety of outdoor activities.
Of course, the ideal vessel should have lines as noble as the surroundings and room for a payload of toys.
For a bird, the bleak midwinter wouldn't seem an ideal time to go about the precarious business of starting a family.
For predator and prey the continental shelf here makes ideal habitat.
Meerkats make ideal study subjects because they are only active during the day.
We went out at night when it was wet and rainy, ideal conditions for frog mating.
The fact that the treasured gems are small, valuable, and so easy to transport makes them a ideal items to smuggle.
The trials, on sandy ground considered ideal habitat for ground-nesting birds, were ringed by half-metre-high electrified wire.
The electric venting skylight is the ideal daylighting solution.
Good for general use and ideal for paths because hulls let water through easily and don't stick to shoes.
Warm days and cool nights are ideal conditions for powdery mildew.
In mild winter climates, fall is the ideal time to sow seeds, though you can also plant in winter.
But in a few caves the conditions were ideal for formation of a different kind of treasure.
Items in the special collections require meticulous care and attention, and storage at the ideal temperature and humidity.
The flat, oblong planks of white birch wood make ideal materials for miniature log cabins or handles for homemade puppets.
Along with their artisan appeal, the availability of bamboo makes these bikes an ideal cottage industry for the developing world.
Dead ahead lies a heavy thicket, an ideal spot for an ambush by drug smugglers.
Shady knew that the reeds were ideal subjects for radiocarbon dating and could make her case.
Ideal for people with allergies, but you can't open your window, have office plants or eat or drink at your desk.
The dream suggests an ideal not yet fully emerged from the rock.
But it also poses a quandary, pitting our need for security against the ideal of an open society and free trade.
Our five children went to school and grew up here and still say it was the ideal place to grow up.
While the wind at the top could drag a kite-flier, the beach below can be ideal for sunbathing.
But the peel is quite thin, so it's not ideal for handling and shipping.
In an ideal world there would be no homeless animals, but that is not the case.
And yet this ideal of wild salmon is increasingly an illusion.
As the hardest substance known, diamond is ideal for cutting rock and other tough stuff.
In some cases the ideal experiment is not yet possible.
Researchers have produced robots that, while falling far short of the ideal, can do some remarkable things.
On the other hand, a skin is ideal because a deformation can be detected wherever it happens.
Aside from the pain and inconvenience, such occasional blood sampling is less than ideal for maintaining healthy glucose levels.
In an ideal beam of light, produced by a laser or a distant star, the wave fronts are flat.
The less-than-ideal level of protection for that vaccine is part of why other options are being explored so vigorously.
Igneous rocks, which form under high temperature, are not considered ideal homes.
We still have not found an all-around ideal material, although there are some promising candidates.
Clear plastic soda bottles in the two-liter size make ideal culture flasks.
Currently diabetics rely on insulin therapy, which is far from being an ideal treatment and is certainly not a cure.
Both groups lived under similar environmental conditions at this site, making their cultural remains ideal for comparison.
Not ideal conditions, but good enough, particularly since this was our last day of fieldwork that season.
In contrast to the precisely controlled experiments described above, a typical driver does not operate under ideal conditions.
It was once thought that there was a single ideal span of control based on some fundamental human capacity.
On the face of it, this is not an ideal time for radical change.
These devices are closer to the ideal of electronic speed, size and power consumption, but would be more expensive to manufacture.
Cramming infirm people into one place creates the ideal breeding ground for disease.
Economist reprints are also ideal for presentations or brochures.
For many years it was acknowledged that this was not an ideal way to allocate a company's scarce financial resources.
The trees shade the streams and wood-falls create lagoons that promote ideal conditions for salmon.
The climate is generally benign, with sunny skies and comfortable daytime temperatures, making it ideal for sightseeing.
Still, certain cities are more ideal than others for those looking to infuse their vacation with romance.
The city and surrounding areas are ideal for a romantic getaway.
Summertime isn't ideal because overhead conditions are rare.
Several butterfly gardens throughout the state provide ideal habitats for many different species.
The second is the three-season tent that is ideal for spring, summer and fall, but not winter.
The water is warm year-round, so it is ideal for water sports, and the big waves are great for surfing.
The eatery has a garden patio that is ideal for outdoor dining during warmer months.
In spring and summer its lakes and mountains are ideal for a relaxed weekend getaway.
Too often, ecologists focus on attaining an ideal that's no longer possible.
In an ideal world, investors would simply put money in good companies and everyone would profit.
Then, with your ideal visions as our benchmarks, let's return to the presidential race and ask these questions.
He was right that using the stimulus to fulfill the president's campaign promises wasn't ideal, as far as stimulus goes.
It's getting more and more complicated, but on an ideal day there's time in the morning to work.
Tortoise, and to a lesser extent turtle, were ideal foods for seafarers.
Still, the free-labor ideal survives in farming as propaganda.
The ideal pillow fight would leave no trace of its occurrence.
The survey shows that, even compared to last year's survey results, the ideal home is shrinking.
But the county that for decades could attract no industry has turned out to be an ideal location for the casino trade.
Yet, while the kibbutz remained appealing as an ideal, in practice it never attracted more than a tiny minority of the population.
In an ideal case every iteration would make a better fractional representation.
Hydrogen fuel cells may be ideal for terminal tractors.
The ideal solution would eliminate the vibration at its source in the solid rocket design itself.
The ideal astronaut should have narrow hands to prevent his or her fingernails from falling off.
Critics of the protocol say it's not ideal, because donor heart valves are still in short supply.
Zebra fish are ideal for this sort of research because of their small size and rapid reproduction rate.
The ideal find for him is a set of soft-tissue marks on the bones of both crocodiles and birds.
For this ideal to occur, you're going to have to cull the herd a bit.
Why this failed under ideal operating room conditions can only, unfortunately, be attributed to panic.
Because stem cells can be differentiated into any type of cell in the body, they present an ideal source for screening.
So in the case of an ideal bottle, the rate of decay should be equal to the beta decay rate.
That's why polystyrene is ideal for use in bicycle helmets and other protective gear.
One way to squeeze more power out of sunlight is to ensure that it always hits a solar panel at the ideal angle.
These characteristics make thin-film batteries ideal for some new technologies.
The servers were also an ideal place to put electronic mail.
Bananas are ideal for the developing world because they are compact, easy to grow and transport, and highly nutritious.
Working from home sounds ideal-until you actually do it.
Power pop is an ideal breeding ground for unsung heroes.
The ideal performance might consist of a population playing and singing for itself.
He had prepared a wall-sized illustrated plan of the ideal twenty-five-acre farm, which he describes to writer.
These hearty, highly addictive pancakes are an ideal start to an active day.
Its geography is ideal for the opera or one of the theaters below the mid-forties.
Many of them are in quiet towns along the river bank, ideal for a week end.
The place is a visiting lecturer's dream, or the ideal of a campus-movie director in search of a setting.
It was the ideal dance for the transistorized age, converting the body itself into a novelty device-a nifty gadget.
The ideal of these qualities, inner and outer-the word for this ideal is kata-is also a bit of a mystery to outsiders.
The ideal candidate will have a strong background in family development and dynamics.
The ideal candidate would be broadly trained, have a record of scholarly publications, as well as experience with labor movements.
The ideal candidate will be a forward-thinking advancement executive with a compelling record of fundraising and development.
The ideal candidate will be a consummate fund-raiser and friend-raiser.
The position is now open and the search will continue until the ideal candidate has been hired.
Ideal candidates will have a strong commitment to academic excellence, community service, and diversity.
Try to get a sense of your ideal writing session, considering how long it takes for you to get into a creative mode.
As they make those choices, many teenagers will be chasing an ideal-a shimmering vision of college-as-wonderland.
Once you've found the ideal research topic, your next challenge will be choosing the right research adviser.
The ideal candidate will have conducting experience, and teaching experience in public school and college levels.
The ideal candidate would be a broadly trained environmental scientist with expertise in animal or wildlife ecology.
They represent the ideal perfection of these pursuits.
It's a one year replacement position on the other side of the country so not ideal but hey, yes.
In an ideal case, these interests coincide, and the promotion goes through without the slightest friction.
In an ideal democracy-whatever that is-the people govern themselves.
It may be a considerable time before this theatrical ideal is realized.
If there was no ideal solution, however, there were still clear mistakes.
Barely there dress sandals, strong on the patent and pearlized, are the ideal complement for the summer's floral retro shifts.
Use the ideal gas law to determine gas volumes at different absolute temperatures and absolute pressures.
The story, in its ideal, is one of earthly redemption.
Big families in which cousins sometimes marry cousins are ideal for studying recessive genes.

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