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The canonical winter icons, stellar snow crystals are thin plates of ice with six main arms, or branches.
In sum, there should be a little something for everyone in my list of alternative icons.
It is not too much to say that their media producers actually create and sustain them as pop-culture icons.
It's interesting to see how food advertising icons have morphed through the years.
Multiple animal icons might represent alliances or marriage ties between various groups.
File icons start off scattered across the flat surface.
Or, option to show large icons for visually impaired.
For the few times that the driver needed to glance at the screen, the apps would feature big icons and easy-to-read text.
There are no windows or folders, but rather an interface heavily reliant on pictographic icons.
After a few years of seeing these icons on multiple appliances, they become second nature to us.
Symbol-heavy languages tend to be a mix of icons, symbols, and indexes.
Once it's open and you see our lovely blue planet, go to the top where there is a menu bar of icons.
Today these icons are forlorn with grime, ignored by the new capitalists bustling in the streets.
After narrowing down the selections click on icons to see images of the candidates.
Along the way they became icons of national as well as personal pride.
The exercise of righteous violence is what turns action figures into pop-culture icons.
Her criticism is striated with details of personal struggles as well as clear and calm examinations of the day's icons.
Yet our sense of such an iconic moment is bound to be partial-icons are flat.
The figurines may have been offerings to the gods, small icons of the sacrificial victims, or guides to the afterworld.
Windmills-clean, quiet, simple and endlessly renewable-may be the ultimate icons of green energy.
Click on the the sun icons above to change your answers.
But even these icons had to be further tailored to regional particularities.
If the effect icons looks greenish, then that's what you'll end up with.
That's a change from last week when an aide argued that the icons were surveyors' marks.
Particularly confusing has been the proliferation of health icons that adorn food packaging.
To a people of desert origins, it takes the partial place of icons and cathedrals, stage drama and political oratory.
But the once-revolutionary notion of files, folders, filing cabinets and other desktop icons is now showing its age.
Its larger shops are adorned with fishing boats, surfboards and other west-country icons.
Many are depicted in icons, celebrating them as martyrs whose prayers in the afterlife protect the church.
He made his subjects the icons they wished to be-a familiar enough process in today's celebrity-mad world.
The thin, small slab has a touch-screen which displays whatever buttons, keys or icons are relevant to the task in hand.
Soviet icons were revived not because of their connection with communism but as symbols of stability, continuity and power.
Two consumer-electronics icons have turned customer feedback into a lightweight, wireless laptop.
But let's cast the net a bit wider for our new heroes and icons.
He could, and did, celebrate his birthday by blending heads of state and movie icons with his local plumber.
It enables one to see these two icons afresh in the light of each other's brilliance.
Had he been more sophisticated, he might have sneered at these corny icons.
Small graphic symbols, or icons, are used to draw your attention to special information.
Symbols and icons must be selected that are understood by the user.
Click on the green map location icons to learn more about individual sites.
To explore your risk management options, please select any of the icons above to see a table of contents.

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