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Forty years on, she is more than emblematic, she is iconic.
Reading it undermines the iconic idea of it as a univocal, divinely authored book and our desire to attach to it as such.
Her iconic loaf is dense, white and crumbling, studded with raisins and caraway seeds.
Lately, though, the status of the iconic animal has been up for debate.
So it's sort of amazing that one of the iconic national places to visit has such a mysterious prehistory.
Forward-thinking companies are starting to figure out ways to convert their logos from iconic symbols to tools of engagement.
For an iconic brand with affluent customers, volatility on this scale does not do nicely.
Other giants in the tech industry have seen their fortunes fade after iconic leaders have departed.
It is not easy to live down an iconic early performance.
The iconic mane of a lion has always been a mystery to biologists.
Don't forget about the iconic sound he makes while dying.
Thoroughly abstract, the eerie, iconic shapes had all the power of sun-baked ancient ruins.
Adding grated cheese to the crust tweaks the tradition, thus bringing an iconic dessert full circle.
Over the years, the gray squirrel has become an almost iconic example of an invading species outcompeting a native one.
The debate about this iconic fossil critter continues.
There are those who have said it's an unforgivable and monstrous way to treat an iconic sports car.
T he iconic image of the brain is a misshapen, yellowish lump.
But the prius is an iconic car and people are buying them to be socially conscious.
Yet there are startlingly few iconic photographs of him.
She managed somehow to make garage rock both literary and iconic.
Amazingly, our work has become iconic and curiously hasn't dated.
Iconic-An intensive age-defense treatment designed to boost cellular metabolism.
Yet our sense of such an iconic moment is bound to be partial-icons are flat.
In the photo below, you can barely make out the iconic opera house through the haze.
Iconic or graphic representation with voice or text.
It will provide the regional community with long term preservation of the cultural and historic resources at this iconic site.
Historical metallurgy and conservation of archeological and iconic structures.
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