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Most baked cookies can also be frozen if wrapped airtight to prevent ice crystals and freezer burn.
They probably are made of water ice crystals, and they are still in sunlight when night has fallen on the ground below.
Rather than scrambling the ice crystals, the shock wave from the rocket organized them into an array of tiny spinning tops.
Ordinarily, ice crystals rupture the cells of a frozen tissue sample, leaving nothing but freezer-burned goo.
The quicker it gets into the hardening cabinet, the smaller the ice crystals.
Clouds are composed primarily of small water droplets and, if it's cold enough, ice crystals.
The major concern in cryopreservation of cells is the possible formation of ice crystals inside in the cells.
These ice crystals act as condensation nuclei around which even more water vapour in the surrounding air condenses.
In winter, the problem is that there aren't sufficient ice crystals.
The form of the ice crystals depends on the cooling rate and hence on the air temperature.
Moisture was in the air and ice crystals were blowing.
Instead of the normal brilliant blue, there were clouds on the horizon and sparkling ice crystals blowing past in the air.
As a result, there are more ice crystals in the atmosphere.
The ceiling is coated with sparkling hexagonal ice crystals.
When making the perfect gelato, much depends on the size of the ice crystals.
Radiation frost is frost in the form of tiny ice crystals that usually shows up on the ground or exposed objects outside.
Once the first ice crystals reach a wood frog, however, its skin freezes.
But scientists have long known that the freezing process creates ice crystals, which destroy cells and cellular structures.
There, supercooled water droplets migrate to the ice crystals, feeding a chain reaction of ice formation.
The ice crystals are formed individually in clouds, but when they fall, they stick together in clusters of snowflakes.
They form when humid air cools enough for water vapor to condense into droplets or ice crystals.
Under these conditions, tiny individual ice crystals form, creating a slushy mixture.
Ice crystals in the air create various kinds of rings and splotches of light, such as sun dogs.
In quickly rising air, these droplets don't turn into ice crystals even when the temperature drops well below freezing.
Cirrus clouds form when water vapor undergoes deposition and forms ice crystals.
The humidity in the rising air condenses to form clouds, ice crystals and rain and a thunderstorm is born.
As the air rises it cools and the humidity condenses into cloud droplets and ice crystals.
These and even the shapes and sizes of the ice crystals have stories to tell about past climates.
Sun dogs are caused by the refraction of sunlight by ice crystals.
The hotel offers couples the chance to get married in a chapel full of frozen ice crystals.
What they know is that the rings are made of ice crystals, ranging from microscopic to stadium-size.
The halo is caused by reflection of sunlight through thin clouds of ice crystals.
Spikes can form because the molecular arrangement of ice crystals means that frozen water takes up more space than liquid water.
Water in the flow would evaporate or turn into ice crystals within hours or days, laving sediment along its path.
By shepherding the molecules into place, the protein greatly lowers the amount of energy needed for ice crystals to start growing.
The ice crystals would destroy them-they would pop, he explains.
The ice crystals change their orientation suddenly when that happens.
The cold air causes ice crystals to form in the seawater.
When ice cream suffers heat shock during transport or storage, its ice crystals grow larger, making the refrozen product grainier.
In many parts of the world, the seafloor contains natural gas trapped inside ice crystals called hydrates.
Ice crystals that form during cooling and rewarming can break, puncturing cells and bursting blood vessels.
At the same time, the sharp edges of microscopic ice crystals can tear cell membranes.
Some bacteria produce snow and rain by seeding the growth of ice crystals.
The freeze was quick enough that their meat was preserved without the formation of large ice crystals.
When meat and poultry are frozen, the water that is a natural component of all meats turns to solid ice crystals.
Ice crystals on top of refrozen surface of melt pool.
Once some little flakes landed on my sleeve and they did seem to be snow or ice crystals.
Sometimes on a cold winter night you can see a halo around the moon, that's the ice crystals doing their thing.
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