ice pick in a sentence

Example sentences for ice pick

Holes exist in the bottom where the ice pick went through and caused them to leak.
Freeman carried his ice pick in his pocket, using it on one occasion to perform a lobotomy in a motel room.
Every few days, he would unwrap the cake, jab it with an ice pick and douse it in whiskey.
The weapon, an ice pick, was recovered at the scene.
Venting shall be done by inserting an ice pick or other suitable instrument into the affected area.
Use a pocket knife or ice pick to determine the depth of damage.
If using the awl or ice pick, you do not need to heat them.
Use moisture meters, a screwdriver or an ice pick to find damp wood.
Use an ice pick or an awl to test wood for soundness.
Use an ice pick or an awl to test wood for soundness in an inconspicuous location.
The gunner's pick or priming wire was a sharp pointed tool resembling a common ice pick blade.
Alternatively, insert the ice pick perpendicular to the wood.
We ask that you don't use an ice pick or knife because it causes to large of an area of trauma to the fish.
It is still wise this early in the game to use an ice pick and check as you go.
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