hysterics in a sentence

Example sentences for hysterics

Suppose the host and hostess screamed with rage, threw dishes and collapsed in hysterics.
Our own hysterics are obvious from many of the comments on my story and from the larger debate over immigration.
The other people in the theater are also in hysterics.
But even so, conspiracy theorists immediately went into hysterics.
She seems to be pushing for as many hysterics as she can get in every scene.
They shot it yet again, the actors holding back their hysterics until the cameras were off.
Jody's hysterics at the climax, when he shoots the deer, seem also over-long.
Baker in hysterics saying he could not find the ring.
No morning without violent weeping, no day without hysterics.
After the shooting, the families encircled us in hysterics as they collected the bodies.
His neurasthenia frequently drove him to tears and hysterics.
Agriculture subsidies and other programs should be the next target of the hysterics after they get over the bank bailouts.

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Even now she does the snake-hips with a hiss, Slops the bad wine across her shantung, talks Of pregnancy, guitars and br... more
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