hysterically in a sentence

Example sentences for hysterically

His first two items directly, and hysterically, conflict with one another.
She stopped running, and leaned against a tree to laugh hysterically.
Audiences found her mimicry of my pronunciation of l and r as w hysterically funny.
So guilty does the commander feel, that he begins to suffer a mental breakdown and becomes hysterically paralyzed.
Lots of dolls, especially one that cackled hysterically and kicked up her legs when you waved a hand near her chubby cheeks.
The complaint told the judge that he had been recording this conversation, and the judge began laughing hysterically.
Some witnesses said she acted hysterically, screaming and crying.
The subject continued to move closer to edge while crying hysterically.
He hysterically relayed to the fire fighters that his two brothers and one sister were still trapped in the building.
One night, acting erratically and hysterically, the father went to the summerhouse.
She was crying hysterically and her face was red and swollen.
When the police arrived she ran to them crying hysterically.
She cries hysterically, pleading with you not to call the police.
She cried out hysterically and became so faint that restoratives were administered.
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