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Once again you don't seem to appreciate the difference between a hypothesis and a theory.
There was no grand hypothesis, or even a semblance of theory.
Students should also understand that a theory is broader than a hypothesis.
The police have a hypothesis of their own.
That hypothesis fell into doubt when the chicken hopped the fence and began roaming around our yard.
This isn't a perfect hypothesis I know, just food for thought.
The hypothesis connecting cosmic rays and clouds has been the subject of a lively, sometimes contentious scientific debate.
This is the first study that contradicts Darwin's invasive species hypothesis using animals.
Your hypothesis is a little reductionist i think.
That hypothesis remains a cornerstone of the current government's legitimacy and historical narrative.
Conservative activists here often see climate change as a political hypothesis, not a scientific assertion.
The hypothesis examined in the article is about temperament, not intelligence.
The intelligence to support that hypothesis was frustratingly absent, however.
There are two possible outcomes: if the result confirms the hypothesis, then you've made a measurement.
Scientific studies are supposed to be tests of whether or not an unproven hypothesis is true.
Ask students to formulate a hypothesis based on the demographic data contained on the country information sheet.
Have them develop a hypothesis about one of their questions and design a detailed experiment to test it.
However, the hypothesis of human-caused climate change is unfounded.
Well, let's try that out as a hypothesis and see how it works.
Truth is, any hypothesis that uses a time dimension posits a block universe by definition.
The crucial question is to test the hypothesis whether influence can be deduced from a social network at all to begin with.
The synthetic biologists started off with the strong hypothesis that genes were the right abstraction layer.
Most of the research on the social brain hypothesis has focused on primates.
On first consideration, the temporal and geographic restrictions in your hypothesis seemed merely unwise.
And one popular hypothesis is that this cause, too, is fashion-but among doctors rather than columnists.
So much so, in fact, that few have bothered to test this hypothesis in any systematic way.
And that is fine if only one hypothesis is being tested.
He used half to generate his hypothesis and half to test it.
It uses small samples which are then used to create a hypothesis which can then be tested across larger data sets.
If their findings do not fit the hypothesis being tested, the work never sees the light of day.
There are other issues with the hypothesis that inflating your way out of debt works.
Studying these will test the hypothesis that modern shells are more efficient than ancient ones, and thus out-competed them.
The onus is on the scientist to prove his hypothesis when observations match the predictions.
It is the probability of seeing a positive experimental outcome even if your hypothesis is wrong.
Great theoreticians know that hypothesis must be confirmed with experiment.
The problem with the latter hypothesis is that the outward drift should have taken billions or even tens of billions of years.
Obviously true science is about making a hypothesis, modelling the hypothesis, and observing whether the model works or not.
Scientists say more research is needed to confirm the hypothesis that dirt has health benefits.
Support for this hypothesis comes not only from cross-national studies, but from studies of individuals.
It's probably the major field in which papers get published with null hypothesis results.
The problem with this hypothesis is that such an oil has yet to be discovered.
To test their hypothesis, they placed the animals in a cage with one well-lit and one darkened compartment.
Hypothesis: a sociopath would not be affected by being greedy.
The ice hypothesis will be born borne out should the arm be able to find ice two to six inches down in the sampling area as well.
Our hypothesis is that the function of reasoning is argumentative.
But there's more to harnessing an army of computers than testing a hypothesis or extrapolating real-world observations.
To verify this hypothesis, he and his colleagues carried out a series of experiments on mice.
If the hand develops perfectly, your hypothesis is false.
So my counter-hypothesis would be that it wasn't beauty that was the problem, it was complacency.
But that mindset questions the pursuit of science in general, not how one can pursue a hypothesis ethically.
The dark matter hypothesis is pretty well accepted, but not entirely by any means.
The hypothesis that synthetic chemicals are mimicking hormones is reasonable, he says, given some of the evidence in wildlife.
To test my hypothesis, keep trying to run the thing.
It has to find a minimum hypothesis to cover a maximum amount of data.
First, one develops a null hypothesis about some phenomenon or parameter.

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