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It's this type of one sided hypocrisy that gets nobody anywhere.
Clearly this is more than hypocrisy; it is sheer nonsense.
Stubbing out hypocrisy is a good cause.
This question of apparent hypocrisy is absolutely essential in my classroom.
The way you bring hypocrisy into this dilemma is very broad.
Sincerity is described in the dictionary as the quality of being without deceit, pretense or hypocrisy.
He had a hard time understanding why people behaved the way they did, with such subterfuge and hypocrisy.
Such hypocrisy is unforgivable.
The hypocrisy in higher education is sometimes just astounding.
Anecdotally, at least, the connection between power and hypocrisy looks obvious.
We shouldn't fault scientists for the hypocrisy of others, especially politicians.
We will walk without the specter of hypocrisy to haunt our footfalls.
His hypocrisy regarding fossil fuel use is unbelievable and his increasingly erratic behavior is unsettling.
Sometimes it's called propaganda and advertising and sometimes hypocrisy, lying and deception.
All of these position invoke real or imagined acts of hypocrisy.
The desperation and hypocrisy here would be stunning, were it not for the fact that it's nothing new from you.
There is a crushing hypocrisy behind a university that purports to be a public resource while not making these actions a priority.
And unless you are vegan, step down, the hypocrisy is painful.
But his showy hypocrisy, in this case, masks a more serious question.
Contradiction, even hypocrisy, seems to be a lamentable trait of mammoth publishers.
One intervention chosen doesn't make hypocrisy of all the others foregone.
And by now the timidity and even hypocrisy of the entire conception have become depressing.
It is organized hypocrisy for the sake of the common good.
It is neither hypocrisy nor conspiracy, it is forward thinking.
For a story about the cruel misuse of apes, the irony and hypocrisy of the former was too unbearable.
Hypocrisy has a corporeal root, and it turns against your ego-supposed-clean-from-any-bad-desire.
Thank you for revealing the truth of a great hypocrisy.
There is also a whiff of hypocrisy in this line of reasoning.
What you wrote is persuasive, but a hypocrisy is a hypocrisy.
Lesser politicians practise a quieter version of this hypocrisy.
Companies realise that merely making promises risks adding hypocrisy to the list of charges against them.
As usual, there's plenty of hypocrisy to go around on all sides here.
But this caressing hypocrisy failed in its customary effect on the severe elder brother.
What she had said about hoping that he would not come was all hypocrisy.
He is a hypocrisy-buster, a truth-teller, a scatological sage.
Dreams fueled by hypocrisy and false truths about my resolve, my motivation and inspiration.
His only enemy was hypocrisy, and the only virtue he thought worth praising was authenticity.
That's a journey from mere opportunism to pathological hypocrisy, a trip that only the boldest flip-floppers ever dare make.
If the play castigates hypocrisy and stupidity, the standpoint is not that of virtue but of candid hedonism.
Nothing more is required than some hypocrisy all around.
But of course hypocrisy is as foreign to these people as vice and that, perhaps, is their story.
It's tempting to use this example to rail against the hypocrisy of the politicians involved, and please, go ahead.
The grotesque degree of hypocrisy coming from the right ought to illustrate this toxic myth.
There is absolutely no evidence of that, or of hypocrisy of any sort.
The latter is sure to bring out heretic hunting and charges of hypocrisy.
Sadly, this hypocrisy is driven in part by the ranking systems employed by certain popular newsmagazines and some college guides.
So the hypocrisy of this knows no bounds and the cynicism also knows no bounds.
To many observers, these restrictions reek of imperialism and hypocrisy.
The cultural credibility of the professional poetry establishment depends on maintaining a polite hypocrisy.
Only this redeeming x factor justifies all the rest-the paradoxes and inconsistencies, to be sure, and even the hypocrisy.
The adjective connotes hypocrisy along with self-righteousness.
It is intellectually dishonest, but as it is graduation day, the hypocrisy is ignored.
But of course, it's really the hypocrisy here that is noteworthy.
But all this outrage from the self-righteous right-wingers has taken hypocrisy to a new low.
The hypocrisy of the elitist have put this country in peril.
For years, we've faced charges of hypocrisy from those who do not enjoy the freedoms that they hear us espouse.

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