hypochondria in a sentence

Example sentences for hypochondria

We tend to think of hypochondria as a kind of selfishness.
Midway into her seventh year, however, she developed a fairly severe case of hypochondria.
She went to a doctor with this problem and was diagnosed with hypochondria.
Others who complain that they feel different may be suffering from hypochondria.
Between hypochondria and mosquitoes, sleep can be elusive.
With someone who doesn't have that kind of view, it's plain hypochondria.
His only noticeable form of narcissism is hypochondria.
Terror was increased by the diseases of insanity and hypochondria being misunderstood.
All this hand wringing over present deficits amounts to hypochondria if real growth doesn't show up.
So much handwringing and hypochondria in these comments.
Hypochondria, it turns out, was one of the test's prime targets.

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All the powers of imagination combine in hypochondria.... more
Christianity is the religion of melancholy and hypochondria. Islam, on the other hand, promotes apathy, and... more
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