hyphenate in a sentence

Example sentences for hyphenate

If they decide to quadruple-hyphenate their kids' names, so be it.
Most military histories hyphenate years of conflict and inscribe them on a tombstone formed by parentheses.
Hyphenate when used as a compound adjective: long-range plan long-term, short-term.
Don't hyphenate words that use ex-to mean out of: excommunicate.
Hyphenate when using ex-to mean former: ex-director.
Do not hyphenate elementary level, secondary level, or school level.
For hyphenated names, the entry is alphabetized under the first letter of the hyphenate and a cross reference is provided.
Use the hyphen to hyphenate two words in a compound adjective or words with a hyphenated prefix.
Most authors tend to hyphenate many words which should be written unhyphenated.
If the last word on a line does not fit completely on the line, do not hyphenate the word and continue the word on the next line.
Do not hyphenate words unless necessary for understanding.

Famous quotes containing the word hyphenate

In this country American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate.... more
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