hyphen in a sentence

Example sentences for hyphen

Why your correspondent thought the term needs a hyphen is beyond me.
Game-changing may one day go the way of those, hyphen and all.
The new hyphen-filled motor is an air-cooled, fuel-injected three-valve four-stroke.
Now that the hyphen has moved eastwards they are much happier.
Avoid dividing words with a hyphen at the end of a line, especially in unjustified text.
The prefix is determined by the municipality followed by a hyphen.
It can stand alone without a hyphen to modify a noun but is frequently joined with the following noun: midday, midsize.
Ontogenetic or geographic variation in the number of tooth rows is indicated with a hyphen.
Use the hyphen to hyphenate two words in a compound adjective or words with a hyphenated prefix.
Hyphenated names should be entered first with the hyphen and then on another row as an alias with a space, replacing the hyphen.
Parts of compound names must be connected with a hyphen.
If your name contains a hyphen or period, enter the hyphen or period.
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