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Example sentences for hyperbolic

Many of those claims were hyperbolic.
It's hyperbolic to claim that books saved my life.
The roof consists of four panels called hyperbolic paraboloid shells.
That might be a touch hyperbolic.
The judge said court papers filed by the private group are "hyperbolic" in tone.
Liberal or conservative, they tend to be books long on hyperbolic rhetoric and short on facts.
What a disgusting, hyperbolic and ridiculous tactic.
Perhaps hyperbolic, but not impossible.
Satire is usually a hyperbolic truth.
Readers with a low tolerance for the hyperbolic are advised to give this one a pass.
We need civil discussions on matters of scientific fact, not hyperbolic allegations.
Hence my hyperbolic language to draw attention to a problem that must be solved before it gets big.
Yammering hyperbolic gibberish at each other, is where.
Please stay focused on the facts and not the hyperbolic right wing talking points.
More importantly, this kind of hyperbolic debate is not good for the science of paleontology.
Your hyperbolic language suggests to me that you are reacting to what she is doing only on an emotional level.
Not only are they being absurdly hyperbolic but they fail to mention the difference between a metal and rock meteor.
Irrespective of your hyperbolic dismissal of the position, a problem exists.
But inflammatory and hyperbolic rhetoric won't help, and is in reality contrary to the cause.
Scientists who don't act as hyperbolic alarmists can be trusted and are trusted.
If you add heptagons you get hyperbolic surfaces with negative curvatures.
Hyperbolic promises aside, many population geneticists urge caution in interpreting these ancestry tests.
In debates, his attacks on positions he feels are unsupportable can be hyperbolic.
The media loves nothing more than to give hyperbolic statements both a platform and a panning.
The media likes to give hyperbolic statements both a platform and a panning.
The portraits of his friends are fervent, magnificently muddled, hyperbolic and ambivalent.
Hyperbolic abandon had always been the virtual signature of her style.
Not if he knew anything about the hyperbolic customs of their trade.
Roger was being a bit hyperbolic when he claimed to have entered practically all of the contests since its inception.
The main step is to generate a fewer number of overlapping surface patches using hyperbolic grid generation.
Three dimensional adaptive mesh refinement for hyperbolic conservation laws.
Also, if and are real, then is called a circular or hyperbolic case according as is negative or positive.

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Romance, as currently used, then denotes what is unreal or unlikely, or at all events not present, in contrast to what i... more
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