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By illuminating the terrible shadows of time, Fisher shows that hyperbole may be fleeting, but champions are not.
The emotional hyperbole was understandable.
That's not your typical blogger hyperbole, it's the truth.
Others rolled their eyes at what seemed vintage Negroponte hyperbole.
Unfortunately you spew only hyperbole.
Excessive use of hyperbole tends to evoke doubt, not agreement.
There's nothing like using overblown hyperbole to make your point.
Of course it was a bit of an exaggeration, or colloquial hyperbole.
Exercises in hyperbole, amusing as they are, fail to persuade me.
Hype and hyperbole are an accepted part of marketing and public relations.
It is easy for a politician detected in a misstatement to take refuge in evasive rhetorical hyperbole.
It's one of many so-called micro-nations-curious places where, if they actually exist, the chief export seems to be hyperbole.
Palace patronage often presents the danger of over reaching itself, by going into hyperbole.
They don't shimmer with poetic hyperbole and ambivalence.
Brown was a salesman by nature, but not given to hyperbole.
Maybe the poster used hyperbole to get the point across, but in my field, it takes about a year from proposal to defense.
He was simply good at two things: hyperbole and making enemies.
There is simply not the quality of evidence available to support such hyperbole.
But the hyperbole he then delves into produces only a caricature of his own position.
Even despairing hyperbole seems cheerful when seen at a distance.
The hyperbole is out of proportion with the more mundane reality.
More importantly, it gave credibility to research that had all too often suffered from hyperbole.
Those years have been filled with promise, hyperbole and feverish research.
But the media relies on his brand of hyperbole to have any sort of public policy debate.
These are not my opinions and they are not hyperbole.
Their chief mode is hyperbole, their calling card drama.
To me, that's either hyperbole, or shows a lack of historical perspective.
Tall tales, with their hyperbole and outlandish plots, seem to have had an effect on my writing.
In this climate of grievance and hyperbole, many acts of violence are politicized.
The hyperbole is comforting, and offers the viewer a safe distance from which to point and gawk.
And that was part of what invited a lot of press scrutiny and a lot of the hysteria that ensued-but a lot of that was hyperbole.
As you say, its full of misinformation and hyperbole.
The presidential campaign season is upon us and so we'd better be prepared for some political hyperbole and truth-bending.
Most of the time their arguments are little more than political hyperbole.
Given the hyperbole and personal attacks that so often masquerade for debate today, it's worth noting the tenor of this debate.
Spend more time on your homework and less on your hyperbole.
Since sarcasm doesn't have a font, take it that hyperbole is equivalent.
And such hyperbole will become the fodder for overheated fundraising letters.
Thanks for telling this story the way it really unfolded, without hyperbole.
Journalists get all indignant and self-righteous when someone calls out their unrealistic use of hyperbole.
Yet, in the bigger picture, this hyperbole and fingerpointing is completely ludicrous.
If you want to get your point across, stop using infantile hyperbole and stick to the facts.
Nondescript, uncommitted, intellectually dishonest hyperbole.
Covers the related facts of why there isn't a concern without going overboard on the hyperbole.
It is called hyperbole to point out the ridiculous nature of your argument.
He was accused of hyperbole but seems, rather, to have been guilty of understatement.
Hyperbole aside, such claims are not that far-fetched.
But while the news travels faster than ever courtesy of the web, so do lies, hyperbole and distortions.
But even adjusted for bureaucratic hyperbole the government response is hefty.
Even allowing for the hyperbole generated on such occasions the commendations were merited.
Any other rationale or explanation for warfare is generally hyperbole and propaganda.
Progress isn't about hyperbole it's about creativity and dialogue.
Diluting the meaning of these terms by cranking up the hyperbole serves no one.
Such hyperbole might seem reminiscent of the dotcom bubble.
The summiteers can make progress, but only if they temper their hyperbole with realism and humility.
Buttonwood, perhaps you have the power to replace the misused hyperbole of a term with something more realistic.
The leftwing lunatics are painting themselves into a corner with their shrieking hyperbole and obsession.
Whilst obviously these groups have their own particular issues, comparing any of these groups with each other is pure hyperbole.
Of course, hyperbole has surfaced before in the environmental movement.
Hyperbole and a rush to judgment has no place in your column nor your blog.
No one loves lofty rhetoric and prosaic hyperbole more than car manufacturers.
People often use that kind of hyperbole in normal speech.
Complete the chart to identify two examples of symbolism, two examples of imagery, and two examples of hyperbole.
Moreover, this type of hyperbole can be counter-productive when it clouds more exigent problems such as gang violence.
It can be said, without hyperbole, that this rule has the potential to put our company out of business.
Such hyperbole has always been an essential ingredient in the imagery of invincibility and cunning that he promotes about himself.

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