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For starters, the people he links to for support warn about inflation that is distinctly not hyper in nature.
She was hyper for several hours uncovering bone after bone until the entire flipper was uncovered.
Slow boring stuff for when they are tired to exciting guitars and kick it beats when they are hyper.
Hyper inflation tends to be a function of out of control public expenditures.
That's why this album is hyper compared to the others.
Shadow got a puppy who is hyper and dealt with his recovery from a serious leg break.
She's a good dog but she barks too much and is always really hyper.
It also seems that the lower dose does not risk the paradoxical response of making one hyper.
They were quiet, and literate, and in many ways the antidote to more hyper children's films.
In the other case the object is retained, and there is a hyper-cathexis of it by the ego and at the ego's expense.
Unless they are hyper, in which case it may rev them up.
And, long term, you should consider how to resist the urge to be hyper-critical of your current position during on-campus visits.
That's part of what happens when hyper-partisanship gets exported to everyday conversation and debate.
We live in a hyper-violent culture that glorifies guns and shooting and self-indulgence and emotional over rational responses.
The normal ones tend to do little or be hyper active and the parents of the hyper active ones tend to describe them as creative.
Two years now since your first told us about them and still no patents on your double industry standard hyper efficient units.
Instead of working to get what you need, you are making a hyper-intellectual and wordy criticism of science.
Because of the phenomenon of hyper-aging in the developing world, another great variable is already changing as well: migration.
Buzz about the hyper-local menu spread, eventually catching the attention of the county health department.
Worse, politically controlled redistricting helps drive the hyper-partisanship of politics.
Keen to avoid a repeat, they have become hyper-sensitive to any sign of softening demand.
Going into one country after another is in fact the last thing on the mind of this hyper-cautious president.
Despite her hyper-political upbringing, she is a mediocre orator.
Its hyper-efficient supply chains were shown to have major vulnerabilities.
These paintings convey a clear-eyed, almost hyper-realistic vision of pain, suffering and evil.
He was one of many scientists celebrating yesterday's hyper-speed crash.
No one denies hyper-parents are a problem, but they exist already without enhancement.
Two explosions of the sun hyper sonic and super sonic.
Iron meteorites almost always impact at extremely high hyper-sonic velocities.
You've never been hunted by a four dimensional hyper-tiger, so there is no reason for your brain to worry about it.
If he agreed, he would run a typically ruthless and hyper-organized campaign, and usually win.
The composer seemed to be hesitating at a fork in the road, between hyper-complexity and a kind of minimalist purity.
But as soon as the animal senses he is under threat, he becomes hyper alert.
Selecting malleable employees and hyper-loyal professional attendants has been customary for this type over the generations.
It belongs to an age of aggressive hyper-materialism.
The minute he enters a space, he is situationally hyper-aware.
There are countless potential applications for hyper-efficient audio representation, from wireless transmission to talking toys.
From the hyper-realistic deaths by sword to the pristine marble worlds of the heavens above, it's gorgeous.
Not only is this food not molecular or hyper-manipulated-it's hypo-manipulated.
Old and new alike thrive in hyper-modern city-state.
Use them creatively to keep your opponent pinned down in a hail of projectiles, and be sure to use his super armor hyper move.
Cable goes hyper-local to stay ahead of satellite, phone companies.
Nova features several different dash attacks, with a really powerful, ranged hyper combo.
Nuclear radiation release to the public in adverse moment is the hyper critical control point.
Yes, she is hyper-polarizing: she sends her fans into rapture and drives her detractors stark raving mad.

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