hydrostatic in a sentence

Example sentences for hydrostatic

If the boat sinks, a hydrostatic sensor automatically releases the life raft from the canister and causes the raft to inflate.
Those objects in hydrostatic equilibrium are different from those that are not.
It is also possible that hydrostatic sealing has kept the lake truly isolated for millions of years.
The problem with plugging the leak as you suggest is not the hydrostatic pressure at the ocean floor.
There's little to no hydrostatic pressure, so the enclosure material can be pretty flimsy.
Boiling point increases with depth given hydrostatic pressure.
The whole shebang reaches a kind of balance called hydrostatic equilibrium.
The explosives themselves were not sufficient to destroy the structure: hydrostatic stress was also required.
Well, first thing is is it round or gravitationally in hydrostatic equilibrium.
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