hydroplaning in a sentence

Example sentences for hydroplaning

Potholes or ruts can be dangerous during rainfall because of the threat of hydroplaning.
The potential for hydroplaning may be minimized to some extent if the pavement has a rough texture.
Safety is improved by a temporary increase in skid friction resistance and a reduction in the potential for hydroplaning.
Bald tires significantly reduce your traction on wet roadways, and offer little resistance to hydroplaning.
If the vehicle is hydroplaning, do not use the brakes to slow down.
Spring covers heavy rains, and hydroplaning as well as high winds.
If ponding on the traveled way occurs, hydroplaning becomes an important safety concern.
Hydroplaning occurs when your tires are skimming across the water on a wet roadway and not contacting the actual roadway surface.
If the car is hydroplaning, don't brake or turn suddenly.
Runways are grooved to improve skid resistance and minimize hydroplaning.
Rut development contributes to severe hydroplaning, or wet pavement skidding.
The best way to keep from hydroplaning is to slow down in the rain or when the road is wet.
It reduces hydroplaning, tire noise, and splash and spray.
Driving too fast through water could cause you to lose control of your vehicle because of hydroplaning.
Remember that when a highway is wet for any reason, traction is reduced and the chance of hydroplaning increases.
These characteristics can cause hazardous driving conditions such as hydroplaning.
Its primary purpose is to improve runway friction and reduce the potential for hydroplaning.
Low tire pressure can also increase stopping distances and the chance of hydroplaning on wet surfaces.
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