hydrology in a sentence

Example sentences for hydrology

Forests provide myriad other benefits, especially in hydrology and by hosting millions of species.
Appointment to them now requires some knowledge of engineering and hydrology, not simply a friend in politics.
The logical solution would be to update the formula, to take account of half a century's worth of hydrology.
Many types of plants exist in permafrost regions, depending on the climate and hydrology.
Hydrology is the aspect of geology which studies water.
Basin dynamics continue to impact regional hydrology.
Actually, it is a widely understood problem in geophysics, hydrology and elsewhere.
The surface hydrology, humidity regime and nutrient cycles are disrupted.
She does research and teaches at the intersection of hydrology and geomorphology.
There is a renewed interest among students in going back to geology, hydrology.
Hydrology is a multidiscipline approach to the study of water resources.
The scientific discipline in the field of physical geography that deals with the water cycle is called hydrology.
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