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The water cycle is also known as the hydrologic cycle.
Once out of storage it reenters the active hydrologic cycle.
The hydrologic cycle will keep evaporating it from the oceans, and raining it down in varying concentrations around the world.
In particular, the different effects on the surface and the atmosphere mean that the hydrologic cycle would be changed.
It's an ongoing process known as the hydrologic cycle.
The movement of water between the land surface, oceans and atmosphere is called the hydrologic cycle.
Many renditions of the hydrologic cycle exist and they seem to be west coast centric.
The hydrologic cycle is the continuous movement of water through the environment.
These anomalies affect various components of the hydrologic cycle to produce a drought.
Relate this to condensation, precipitation and runoff in the hydrologic cycle.
The answers are in the thermal properties of water, the hydrologic cycle, climate and their effects on lakes.
They will view and discuss the correlation between the various forms of water within the hydrologic cycle.
The hydrologic cycle and interactions of ground water and surface water.
The groundwater component is an important element of the overall hydrologic cycle and needs to be measured and monitored too.
Learn about the hydrologic cycle and how pollutants can enter streams, lakes, and the ocean.
As with the hydrologic cycle, there is no true start or end.
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