hydrogen chloride in a sentence

Example sentences for hydrogen chloride

All alone, ammonia and hydrogen chloride use negativity to get attached.
Upon exposure to air, there is an immediate release of toxic hydrogen chloride gas.
So the reaction of hydrogen chloride with water has hydrogen chloride acting as a proton donor, so it is an acid.
The methamphetamine can then be precipitated from the solvent by adding hydrogen chloride and changing the pH to acidic.
The largest toxic emissions from secondary aluminum production are chlorine and hydrogen chloride.
In dry oxidation, thin oxide layers are grown in an environment containing oxygen and hydrogen chloride near atmospheric pressure.
Mixtures with concentrated sulfuric acid can evolve toxic hydrogen chloride gas at a dangerous rate.
Consists of hydrogen chloride, a gas, dissolved in water.
The amendments do not set limits on hydrogen chloride emissions from cement kilns.
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