hydrogen sulfide in a sentence

Example sentences for hydrogen sulfide

At the bottom of the food chain are microbes that get their energy from chemicals in the vents, usually hydrogen sulfide.
By mixing toilet cleaner with pesticide, anyone can make a cloud of deadly hydrogen sulfide gas.
These secrete hydrogen sulfide, a gas which is poisonous to animal life.
The cave puts out high levels of hydrogen sulfide, a gas that can be deadly to humans.
Scientists have also detected ammonia gas, formaldehyde, and hydrogen sulfide inside sealed sarcophagi.
The minerals, including hydrogen sulfide, provide food for the bottom of the ecosystem's sunless food chain.
Its oil is under high pressure and laced with poisonous hydrogen sulfide, which requires special equipment and handling.
The bacteria break down hydrogen sulfide in the vents, in the process releasing body-building energy for their hosts.
Sulfur is the main ingredient in hydrogen sulfide, for one.
It induces production of hydrogen sulfide in the bloodstream, giving the illusion that the host is dead.
Their chemical reactions involved hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide or iron rather than water, so they did not produce oxygen gas.
Sulfurous fractions are mixed with hydrogen and a cobalt-molybdenum catalyst, yielding hydrogen sulfide.
Contact with liquid hydrogen sulfide causes frostbite.
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