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He invented the basic methods of artificially binding nitrogen through the use of hydrocarbons.
Nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons from those emissions then cook to form ozone.
Hydrocarbons become irrelevant against a theoretically unlimited power supply.
In the coming decades, ever-improving technologies will almost certainly make new sources of hydrocarbons accessible.
Liquid hydrocarbons will remain essential for air transport but not necessarily for shipping.
The bacteria react hydrocarbons with water to produce large amounts of methane in a process akin to fermentation.
Bloom's fuel cell consumes hydrocarbons but doesn't burn them.
He thought the temperatures and pressures of the mantle would convert carbonates and water into hydrocarbons.
The government hopes the law will reduce the number of social conflicts involving mining and hydrocarbons.
It could be made still more effective in that role by being treated with substances that help to break up hydrocarbons.
The long-chain hydrocarbons used as diesel fuel do not burn as easily as the lighter ones found in petrol.
Both are fabulously rich in resources-hydrocarbons, minerals, timber.
Hydrocarbons and political volatility seem to go together.
Many species naturally make small amounts of hydrocarbons.
It seems to me research into solar cells whose primary materials are derived from hydrocarbons is a step in the wrong direction.
See images of high-protein grains and the production of hydrocarbons.
Others produce a mix of hydrocarbons similar to light crude petroleum.
Electric power plants that burn fossil fuels release hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides.
Also explains hydrocarbons being primordial and abiotic.
That's why are are using up a couple of hundred millions of years of fossil hydrocarbons in a couple of hundred years.
We can create hydrocarbons for fuel instead of constantly drawing down reserves.
The bottom line is, there are many compelling reasons to move off of hydrocarbons and few good reasons for sticking with them.
We accepted the risks because modern society is built on hydrocarbons.
Hydrocarbons also react with nitrogen oxides in the presence of sunlight to form ozone.

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