husky in a sentence

Example sentences for husky

He pulls his husky frame out of the car and lifts the wagon's hatch.
She's a husky so if the food had fish it made sense.
If the husky tries to sniff my dog, my dog bares his teeth and stiffs his back fur.
Dark, husky aromas swirl through the palace as incense made specially of local spices finds its way into the thick tropical air.
There's the husky voice, expressive eyes and charismatic smile.
She tossed a fish eye and then a jawbone to the husky standing, panting at her feet.
Since you work with fearful dogs, maybe you could give me some ideas how to treat my husky mix.
It then began to register all over the place, from a gruff and husky whisper to a papery, plaintive bleat.

Famous quotes containing the word husky

Feeling without judgement is a washy draught indeed; but judgement untempered by feeling is too bitter and huskymore
As I confronted her, the changes grew less apparent to me, her identity stronger. She was there, in the full vigour of h... more
our nerve filaments twitch with its presence day and night, nothing we say has not the husky phlegm of it i... more
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