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They took something called rice husk ash: the leftover husks from processing rice are burned for energy, and the ash remains.
Pick when the papery husk is filled out with fruit and the husk begins to turn slightly brown.
Buy cobs by the dozen or half-dozen, then husk and boil them the same day for maximum sweetness.
Her short fingers clutch a cigarette rolled in a corn husk.
The cotton bud must be picked and separated from the dry husk.
Apparently the fruit's sweet, creamy center is a treasure worth pursuing if you can bear the stink and get past the spiky husk.
It was his dwelling-place, his strong-hold, his husk.
White pepper is made from the same berry, the outer husk being removed before grinding.
Clearly, she thought that the less clothing she wore the less husk there would be on the rice.
To prepare corn for chowder, husk it, then carefully remove the silk.
It's able to seal itself inside a hollow coconut husk using its suckers to hold two halves of a shell in place.
It's a yellowed husk of its pristine-white former self, tragically hefty-looking next to its slimmer, silver younger sibling.
Next up for inspection: coconut-husk doormats emblazoned with lobsters.
Visitors can register for hands-on workshops, including candle making, hearth cooking and corn-husk doll making.
Some swear you have to soak the ears in the husk before grilling.
They're in the same family as tomatoes but more closely related to the cape gooseberry and surrounded by a similar papery husk.
If you buy unhusked corn, keep it in its husk until you are ready to cook it.
Coir is the husk material between the coconut inner shell and outer shell.
Ears were removed from the husk and dried separately.
These machines cut and husk the ears from the standing stalk.

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