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Example sentences for hushed

Most of my years of research had been sedentary, in hushed libraries and poorly lit archives.
In a nutshell, it is in the interest of the administration alone to keep this hushed up.
The shouts of the children come hushed over the housetops, as if apologizing for the intrusion.
Car engines, too, have been hushed to well below their annoyance levels.
Arguably, some incidents are blown out of proportion, others are hushed.
They are taught to walk along school corridors in hushed crocodiles, and to avoid shouting or yelling in the canteen.
If opposing scientists have been have truly been hushed, there is no scientific consensus regarding global warming.
The apartment was immaculate and hushed, full of fresh flowers and great art.
For four minutes the courtroom sat in hushed silence.
To wander through its hushed offices at night is to find oneself in a monastery of the information age.
Stories were hushed up and reporters paid off by rich families.
Several residents said in hushed tones that they did not know who was a member and who was not.
In hushed tones, several of the miners said that they had to pay protection money to work at the mine.
It is bad form to make noise during play, and people hushed others for being impolite.
The town does not have a single store, restaurant or other commercial establishment, creating an almost hushed atmosphere.
Waking animals and hushed conversation break the predawn stillness.
The gathering gradually hushed itself and looked expectantly toward the tall, severe form of its chief.
It is hushed indeed for the moment but this is a reprieve only, not a final sentence.
Imagine the teams working, while the spectators hushed in awe.
Everything is a hum of efficiency and competence, executed in the hushed tones appropriate to the hour.
The work suggests meditative stillness at a hushed moment before dawn.
In hushed tones over steins of lager beer, loggers debated how extensive was the larceny, but no one doubted its existence.
No investigation was ever made, no trial held, and the matter was hushed up.

Famous quotes containing the word hushed

There is spiritual laughter Too hushed to be gay, too high: the happiness Of angels.... more
O hushed October morning mild, Begin the hours of this day slow. Make the day seem to us less brief.... more
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