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Example sentences for husbandry

Students studied animal husbandry and dairy management and worked on the farm.
Mechanization has reduced conventional animal farming to production and eliminated true animal husbandry.
Agriculture consists largely of subsistence farming and animal husbandry.
The long history of animal husbandry has been a fervent quest toward intensified control.
One suggestion for those committed to good animal husbandry is a move into fancy organic meat.
So unless you're practicing animal husbandry on the river, flu risk is minimal.
The antibiotics are being used in animal husbandry where the problems arise.
Ray and others have proposed that people will create software husbandry.
The husbandry of cattle and other domestic livestock in vast herds should be reduced as a wasteful means of providing food.
Poor farmers lack adequate education and resources for husbandry and protection of their livestock.
Husbandry has been a big problem for research on these insect, which is why almost all of it was done out in the field.
Keeping the herd allows her to hand-breed and select the best of the best, so she can continue her husbandry research.
Apparently they do research on woodchucks quite a lot there, so the job would include quite a lot of husbandry of them.
It helps us make smarter husbandry for the poultry industry.
The book not only validates the work of dedicated husbandry personnel, but it captures the heart of zoo visitors.
The brilliance of his editorial husbandry is apparent on almost every page.
It is a matter of decency, husbandry of resources, and reason.
It is soon evident that he will either have to mend his miserable ways or he will face the end of comfortable husbandry.
The many changes taking place in agriculture are being accompanied by revolutionary changes in the field of animal husbandry.
All meat comes from farms that practice proper animal husbandry.
Finally, improved animal husbandry reduced disease among domestic pigs, thereby reducing the incidence among wild hogs.
Information on obtaining an annual implements of husbandry permit.
The husbandry, care, and welfare of rabbits varies widely depending on their intended use.

Famous quotes containing the word husbandry

There's husbandry in heaven, Their candles are all out.... more
All her husbandry doth lie on heaps, Corrupting in its own fertility.... more
Our bad neighbor makes us early stirrers, Which is both healthful and good husbandry.... more
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