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Example sentences for hurtle

Another priority is making sure that the economy doesn't hurtle out of control.
Set it up, hurtle full speed to the first corner and then spin off the track in a tumble of bright plastic tat.
Adult females weigh as much as five pounds and hurtle through the air on wings more than five feet across.
Grant soon shows himself able to hurtle through this intrigue without altogether losing his sardonic edge.
We hurtle through the darkness, locked beside strangers, breathing their air.
Maybe some of them also hurtle through time and see war, war, war.
As they flee, two cars hurtle down a nearby dirt road in the opposite direction-straight at the tornado.
And when its characters hurtle though space, they do it with breathtaking energy.
There are moments when it seems to hurtle, almost out of control, across an extraordinary range of fact and thought.
In the lack of anything to hurtle past, speed had become an abstract, reduced to time and distance measures on a laser gun.
Even in the hurtle and chinook of the vast swashbuckling diesels you hear it.

Famous quotes containing the word hurtle

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The dews drop slowly and dreams gather: unknown spears Suddenly hurtle before my dream-awakened eyes, And t... more
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