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Example sentences for hurry

Persons are commonly in such a hurry to make this motion that they neglect to address the chair and thus obtain the floor.
They're in a hurry, but they have to slow down for children and speed bumps.
The authorities seem to be in no hurry to move again, leaving speculators little imminent prospect of making money.
He never seemed to hurry, or move any more than was necessary.
We see a lot of hurry up and wait from our projects.
Not all universities are looking to hurry retirement of their faculty members.
But both sides may be in a hurry to get the agreement signed so the college can make a public announcement.
It's consistent with other research indicating that human beings have a bias toward moving right when they need to act in a hurry.
Yeah, they better hurry up before the students leave school and start changing the laws to something fair.
Conferences become no fun in a hurry when you overbook yourself.
Dark energy does more than hurry along the expansion of the universe.
And they found that folks who had thought about fast food would then read faster, even though no one told them to hurry.
Check this page next week for the answers, and hurry back for more reading and the remaining quizzes.
Therefore, once the matches are found, those few cells need to multiply in a hurry to stave off illness.
They walk more slowly up the stairs and are more irritable when you hurry them along-or hurry by them.
But the feeling was that decoding human thought was a challenge likely to last decades, and they were in a big hurry.
The big three is in no hurry to build or advance electric cars.
How much of a hurry they are in depends on the nature of the journey and it's length.
He was in no hurry, and he liked to linger by the wayside.
She seemed in no hurry to have them come, for her patience was equalled by her confidence.
People went through the streets so swiftly propelled by hurry that they knocked down all who were in their way.
Let us hurry over the obstacles set up by property and marriage.
Her social position is gained usually at a snail's pace-nor should she do anything to hurry it.
The trees were cleared and camp was made with orderly hurry.
Yet they rehearsed a little here and there, and prepared the new adventurers as fully as the hurry would admit.
What is known is that everyone left in a hurry when the mountain erupted.
Although they can release their muscular foothold to tumble in a current-a few can even swim freely-they are rarely in a hurry.
Every couple needs the opportunity to get away from the noise and hurry of life and work, if only for a weekend.
The first company is in a hurry to fill the position, and the second company can't meet right away.
Impressive image stabilization helps when you're in a hurry.
As our stoniest winter sports enthusiasts, snowboarders are rarely in a hurry.
If you think you've got the perfect idea that will stand the test of time, better hurry.
But that's changing in a hurry as enterprises increasingly deploy the software.
As soon as you see that, head for the bathroom, then hurry back.
We'll probably buy eventually, we're in the income bracket where it makes eventual sense to, but there's no hurry to do so.
The remaining partnerships seem in no hurry to go public.
People hurry into shops or duck into the underground.
In an emergency, someone wishing to leave in a hurry would strap on the backpack and jump, pulling a ring as he did so.
Officials have mentioned the possibility of eventually introducing a film-rating system, but they appear in no hurry.
But picking a fight or causing a scene isn't generally your best option when you're in a hurry.
With the war going badly, the government seems in no hurry to expose soldiers' wrongdoing.
The prime minister, for his part, seems in no hurry to announce his decision on whether to return to the presidency.
Because these markets are difficult to leave in a hurry, investors seem to be demanding a higher reward for investing in them.
If you are in a hurry, it's far safer and quicker to take the subway.
It is an act of total insanity, for several of those present will hurry to inform the authorities.
They were carefully measuring the quality of the stream, in no hurry to begin doing nuclear experiments.
The publishing industry also wants us to meet a few chefs, only these are in no hurry to get back to work.
They could have stopped it and they could have overridden all the pressure the company people felt to hurry up.
Anyone who stokes a campfire in grizzly-bear country will get the idea in a hurry.
On the page, however, it is less easy to hurry us right past the main point.
When you're living with your parents, it's a lot easier to close your browser in a hurry than to hide a stash of magazines.
He was in a hurry, therefore, to reach good fishing water.
In a hurry, as usual, she added green beans and cranberry sauce.
Several people break away from the circle and hurry off in search of shovels.
Otherwise, public confidence can turn to dust in a hurry.
People are rational, but you are always doing things in a hurry and with limited information.
He was now in charge of a department that would be both overworked and in a hurry.
And if you really have to go, hurry back before the lights come up.
And they were yelling at the detainee to walk fast, to hurry up.
Don't loiter on the street corner after the light has turned green-thereby becoming an obstacle for those in a hurry.
If he's no longer sucking up to you, you better get out of town in a hurry.
He was a homicidal maniac in a hurry, and terribly afraid that he might not make it.
As far as the world economy is concerned, they might as well not have been born, and might as well hurry up about dying.
Most of them were in a hurry to find careers and get on with their lives.
Tourists click photos, office workers hurry across the cobblestone paths, and everyone is perfectly dry.
She explained to me, that she was in a great hurry and told me why.
The powerful blast of a nearby shotgun brought me to my feet in a hurry.
These planets all orbit their stars in a hurry, taking between three and five days to make a circuit.
The room has an expectant air, as if the chemist might hurry back any minute.
If they are going to clone a mammoth, they had better hurry up.
These will get real expensive for the whole state in a big hurry.
He said the marauders onboard would withstand the siege, and didn't seem in much of a hurry to defuse tensions.
If it's experimental, it might still have glitches that could send you plummeting out of the sky in a hurry.
In the air, they give the impression of always being in a hurry.
So the next time you are in a hurry to get the field seeded, don't forget about proper seedbed preparation.

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