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Example sentences for hurriedly

Our hallway conversation was furtive, whispered hurriedly in the shadows of my office doorway.
It was enacted hurriedly without benefit of committee hearings, so great was the pressure to do something about the problem.
Some were atrocious train wrecks, hurriedly pushed out by companies looking to bring a product to market before it was ready.
He hurriedly decided to send someone to fetch a car.
After a moment's pause they rushed behind their stalls and hurriedly began polishing and propping up their wares.
If they were males, they would hurriedly slither away, often with fresh wounds on their tails.
He hurriedly recorded the insight by drawing functional curves on the shower wall with bars of soap.
His plays, therefore, were probably composed hurriedly.
It was past nine o'clock when he left his own house and he set out so hurriedly that he forgot to put on his overshoes.
Change a single stream of denting and change it hurriedly, what does it express, it expresses nausea.
He looked round hurriedly, he was searching for some-thing.
It hurriedly apologised as part of an undisclosed settlement.
He spoke hurriedly, afraid that his mobile phone would run out of power.
The reporting was extensive, but hurriedly put together.
Tin shacks resemble those hurriedly built by blacks evicted from white territory.
As paramedics rendered treatment to the patient, other crews worked hurriedly to free her.
Fuel trucks hurriedly filled the plane's tanks with thousands of gallons of jet fuel.
Because the tomatoes form virtually no ripening gas, there's no need to hurriedly harvest immature fruit.
Annoyed and trying to get the evening's dinner going, someone hurriedly pulled out the batteries or disconnected the wires.
Many newly constructed ponds are incorrectly and hurriedly stocked in the spring with all types of fish.
If the colony is disturbed, workers will hurriedly carry the queen to a safe location where the queen will begin a new colony.
He then took a phone call and left hurriedly, forgetting the bleach.
If the colony is disturbed, workers will hurriedly carry the queen to a safe location.
The eyewitness watched the foreman hurriedly grab a ladder, insert it into the reactor, and immediately climb down.
Placing a cigarette between his lips, he struck a match, inhaled the smoke hurriedly and put out the light.
While approaching, one occupant of the vessel was observed hurriedly pulling in fishing lines.
The remains of the victims were hurriedly thrown into shallow depressions and ravines and covered with whatever was available.

Famous quotes containing the word hurriedly

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