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Example sentences for hurried

As crews rushed to extinguish the fire, other crews hurried to protect the animals.
He hurried to the place which everyone else was hastily leaving, steering his course straight for the danger zone.
Nothing in the expression of his face, and no hurried movement, indicated excitement or anxiety.
Sadie started when she noticed him and hurried me on past him.
The process could be hurried up if inflation expectations rise.
The prudent, especially taxi-drivers, keep their tanks topped up in preparation for a potential hurried escape.
Hurried editing shows in erratic chronology, direct speech whose sources are unclear and easily avoidable errors.
He is a newspaper copy-editor by profession, and so spends his days cleaning up sloppy or hurried writing.
The hurried pace of life can make getting around seem intimidating, particularly during morning and evening rush hours.
Then he hurried to the warlock's castle, but only to learn from the princess that the warlock was still alive.
He took off his hat, placed his hand upon his heart, and hurried towards her muttering and gesticulating feverishly.
He now hurried forth, and hastened to his old resort, the little village inn-but it too was gone.
It may be noticed generally that slovenly and hurried writers find the infinitive a great resource.
He now hurried forth, and hastened to his old resort, the village inn-but it too was gone.
What followed this realization was a manic drive back to the diving center, then a hurried leap into the water.
Hurried conferences between the upholsterer and other cardiologists.
There may need to be some hurried rethinking if that premise turns out to be wrong.
All the way to the bus station he had hurried because he liked being early for things.
The workers ran to find their boss, who hurried to a radio and made the first call.
Tourists hurried to leave the country as the unrest continued.
Gross took long, hurried strides into the store, raised his right arm and started shooting.
After breakfast my parents hurried off to catch their bus to go to work.
White-coated hospital personnel hurried through rooms jammed with cots.
Being stressed, harried, and hurried can make it difficult for us to fall asleep or stay asleep.
He fished her bag off the floor himself and hurried her into her coat.
White-coated hospital staff members hurried through rooms jammed with cots.
Or they hurried a herd toward a cliff, a wooly waterfall that tumbled and bellowed.
The boys hurried downstairs for breakfast and to do their chores.
The period of grieving cannot be hurried and may vary from days to weeks, months, or even years.
Life moves seasonally and won't be hurried or delayed.
Paramedics hurried to examine all of the vehicles' occupants and prepared to treat accordingly.
Firefighters hurried to the second floor and forced open the door.
In a hurried world, much of what's around us goes unnoticed.
He hurried home, where he sat down at the piano and quickly finished the melody and wrote it down.
The congestion of hurried buses and cars around the school can be dangerous.
Because of the hurried departure, important provisions had been left behind by many families.

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