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Add in methods for controlling hurricanes, tornadoes, and other destructive natural phenomena.
If you've lost your package because of the hurricanes, there may not be much that you can do.
The walls here are made of cinder blocks-good in hurricanes.
Prefab construction tends to conjure up visions of mobile homes being torn apart by hurricanes.
They are much stronger than traditional housing and will better withstand earthquakes and hurricanes.
From aircraft-grounding hurricanes to ion storms that hamper radar, weather can have a decisive impact on military operations.
Last summer, two studies linked this temperature rise to stronger and more frequent hurricanes.
What differentiates cyclones from hurricanes and typhoons is where they arise.
Typhoons usually pack stronger winds than hurricanes.
Our system will also be used to create cold water barriers to hurricanes.
Implementation of this project will prevent people from great damages caused by hurricanes.
They still haven't figured out tornadoes much less hurricanes.
With storm season in full fury, explore the historic mayhem wrought by hurricanes.
Warming ocean temperatures appear to be fueling stronger, more intense hurricanes around the world, a new study suggests.
Hurricanes bring winds and slashing rains that flood streets, flatten homes, and leave survivors struggling to pick up the pieces.
Global warming is causing powerful hurricanes to become even more intense, a new study says.
With storm season in full fury last summer, explore the historic mayhem wrought by hurricanes.
Now a new study says they have the power to move hurricanes too.
Hurricanes and other storms are likely to become stronger.
When the salt content is higher, the water is warmer and more hurricanes form.
It claims more victims each year than do snowstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes.
As a result of last year's devastating hurricanes, reinsurance capacity is tight.
But the population has waned, displaced by hurricanes, so companies must look elsewhere for their workers.
There is little evidence that big hurricanes come ashore any more often than, say, a century ago.
They have to live with hurricanes, but not with certain banana diseases.
Juice companies and farmers were also keen to hedge against the ravages of frost, hurricanes and tree diseases.
To the insurance industry, wildfires thus bear some resemblance to hurricanes.
When hurricanes knock out oil refineries, gasoline prices shoot upwards.
There was also no shortage of natural disasters preparing to strike at any time, from hurricanes to earthquakes.
By making it cheaper to build in risky areas, it would ensure that more houses are destroyed in future hurricanes.
Strong hurricanes hitting the gulf coast was not an unknown event.
So you find some investors who are willing to make a bet on future hurricanes.
Let's, for a moment, humor the misguided notion that hurricanes really can stimulate the economy.
In a place where hurricanes are the local calamity, one might expect history to have a tenuous grip.
And there is money for the one who is turning back hurricanes and in a whirlwind running for the office of president.
Hurricanes stir up ocean waves and may contribute to the planet's overall hum.
Climate experts have long warned that global warming could bring an increase in extreme weather, such as hurricanes and drought.
Weather satellites help us track developing hurricanes, allowing meteorologists to warn people days in advance.
Until now, it was the only global model that provided specific intensity forecasts of hurricanes.
There is no cost effective way to prevent earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural calamities.
The state has gotten better at preparing for hurricanes, with stricter building codes and well-rehearsed evacuation plans.
His house rests on stilts and is built in the shape of two hexagons in order to better weather hurricanes.
Evidence mounts that human activity is helping fuel these monster hurricanes.
Hurricanes are products of the tropical ocean and atmosphere.
Hurricanes and tropical storms bring heavy rain and high winds to coastal areas, and often cause inland flooding.
Major hurricanes are relatively rare events at any location.

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