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The hurricane season officially starts today.
After a slow start, the 2009 hurricane season is kicking off in a big way.
Everyone knew that hurricane Iris was coming.
The tropic sun danced off the heaving waters which were just subsiding from the hurricane of three days before.
The Ferris wheel is the safest amusement ride in existence; only a hurricane-force wind poses a threat to the customers.
We are afraid to return home until hurricane season is over.
People run for cover in midst of hurricane Gloria.
Florida weathers its second-costliest hurricane.
The town was destroyed by a hurricane.
Greatly increased hurricane activity was predicted.
Here there are no earthquakes, no fires and only the occasional hurricane.
Oil from the open crankshaft jetting up in his face, a hurricane of dirt thrown up on his skidding turns.
It washed up from the hurricane along with lots of other things.
It disappeared during an emergency clean up after a hurricane.
We didn't get a chance to see you before the hurricane.
They cannot tell us that any one specific hurricane, or forest fire, or tornado is caused by global warming.
For a good while after the hurricane, the taco trucks were the only places to eat.
Moreover, the political aftermath of the hurricane may dampen lawmakers' already tepid enthusiasm for budget-cutting.
If you have a two-liter bottle and some water, you've got all you need to demonstrate to your kids the basics of a hurricane.
In the middle of the cove was a floating door, a remnant from hurricane season.
Tells about a hurricane which the correspondents ventured into from the safety of the house, the next day.
It's a place that reinvents itself almost on a daily basis, especially when a hurricane hits.
We wouldn't hold up hurricane relief aid because of disagreements over spending cuts.
He has tried to use the power of prayer to change the course of a hurricane.
It's great fun to play with before or after a hurricane.
Get a complete list of food and supplies that you should stockpile during hurricane season.
What's more, blogs have jumped to the fore in shaping the mainstream media's coverage of the hurricane aftermath.
It was the last thing the hurricane-scarred city needed to hear.
After a hurricane, the roughly paved streets are often under water for days.
With only three episodes left to the season, a hurricane of madness is forecast to descend upon the series again.
Think the frantic surges of tsunami, earthquake, and hurricane coverage.
It was tiring to live in the path of a perpetual hurricane.
If a hurricane is a chaotic system, then the wreckage strewn in its path is its fractal pattern.
People don't expect weather reports or even hurricane warnings to be perfect, especially more than a few days in advance.
History teaches that a lack of hurricane awareness and preparation are common threads among all major hurricane disasters.

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