hurrah in a sentence

Example sentences for hurrah

Almost the grand stand and the crowd of thousands are one pair of legs and one voice standing up and yelling hurrah.
Informative certainly but it is an hurrah book rather than a work of science.
Perhaps the animal believes that a move will give him the chance for a brief last hurrah in some other troop.
Far from being the return of the big bonuses, this could be their last hurrah.
Let's have one last hurrah for summer and head to a seafood shack.
We've come by the tens of thousands for what some consider a last hurrah.
If you can afford it, give the summer weather one last hurrah by flying to the nearest beach.

Famous quotes containing the word hurrah

Well, Adam, it's my guess that the old-fashioned political campaign in a few years will be as extinct as the dodo. It'll... more
One does not jump, and spring, and shout hurrah! at hearing one has got a fortune, one begins to consider r... more
Love-light of Spain—hurrah! Death-light of Africa! Don John of Austria Is riding to the sea.... more
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