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Example sentences for hurling

The ground heaved and pitched, hurling furniture, snapping trees and destroying barns and homesteads.
Imagine hurling a smartphone off the roof of a building and recording its fall all the way down.
At this stage, your whole comment amounts to unqualified elephant hurling.
Speedy was stomping through the mud, hurling paper into the underbrush.
It lunges for my eyes, hurling its blades at the grills in my armored mask.
The model takes several platoons of marines and pits them against enemy soldiers, militia, and rock-hurling civilians.
Alex is incredibly strong, lifting cars and hurling them at enemy soldiers.
And, of course, there's the novelty of hurling pigs toward a target.
The legendary cliff divers perform nightly shows on the north side of town, hurling themselves with abandon into the surf below.
Some time for reflection might stop us from hurling insults and instead help us to reach our best selves.
But its strength and extent vary hugely, according to what the sun has been hurling at us in preceding days.
Worldwide fame for hurling fish across crowds of tourists could only happen in my city.
Again and again they countercharged, hurling rocks, screaming in rage and seemingly oblivious to danger.
Or she may remain in the kitchen and begin hurling objects at her family: telephones, coffee cups, plates.
Near sunspots the magnetic field lines get tangled and can suddenly erupt, hurling that energy into space.
Lucky for us, the chances of the next pandemic hurling in from space are slim to none.
They became consumed with trading personal invective, hurling expletives, and trashing one another in print.
Their national game, hurling, gives them a chance to do both.
Thousands gathered, brandishing makeshift weapons and hurling insults.
It flipped over, hurling the driver through a side window.
Rock material forcefully displaced and sent hurling through the air by an explosives detonation.

Famous quotes containing the word hurling

And true, they are hurling spittle, rock, Garbage and fruit in Little Rock. And I saw coiling storm a-writh... more
Now I am alone with the dead, flying off bridges, hurling myself like a beer can into the wastebasket. I am... more
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