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The invective some members of the group hurl at one another is sometimes as fierce as the insults they throw at wealthier nations.
To test the laws of physics, they will hurl themselves against walls, roll on the floor and dive from scaffolds.
Your smoker's cough is so bad it makes me want to hurl.
Governments hurl money at it when trying to fix failing economies.
The tears of another hypocrite make me want to hurl.
The kids can place mounted guns, collect coins and hurl snowballs at the incoming enemies.
Then they take a good running start and hurl themselves square into it, sending fence slats flying.
It seems you fall substantially short of supporting that untenable position as you instead opted to hurl insults and barbs.
When a visitor appears, the rats hurl themselves screaming toward their bars.
The accusations that fill its pages are the kind scholars regularly hurl at their polemical opponents.
Both sides represent political factions and sectarian groups that are often justified in the accusations they hurl at each other.
Soon he will plod up the ridge, turn, and again hurl himself diagonally down the slope.
Residents believe some device is being used to hurl the missiles.
It would seem all you can do is hurl schoolyard epithets.
Everyone knows they're designed to carry nukes, and to hurl them long distances.
The drives that stir us out of bed at dawn and hurl us headlong into our daily struggles have two sides.
Hurl a cloud of tiny un-oxidized metal particles into the air.
He mimed some woozy tottering and a convulsive hurl.
Of course, all that talking aloud might inspire your café neighbors to hurl more than words at you.
They get as close as they can to the surfacing whales, then hurl their harpoons.
But they can also hurl themselves out of the water, and once airborne they can become dangerous flying daggers.
Fire tornadoes can set objects in their paths ablaze, and they can hurl burning debris out into their surroundings.
It turns out there are a few more implements left to hurl.
Both hurl themselves toward ultimate statements without first earning the right to them.
And finally, an even more physical way to arrive at a definition of a straight line is to hurl the stone harder and harder.
They know perfectly well that it's possible to hurl machines to other planets.
They may call you names and hurl insults at you, but they will provide no equation as there are none.
But the time to hurl a probe toward that outlying world is close at hand.
So, instead of picking up that ally and helping them across, a player may opt to hurl them toward their doom.
The first mate readied himself to hurl the harpoon, and again he ran into trouble.
So beautiful that some people apparently feel compelled to hurl themselves off it.
Watching a couple of foot-long fish crack the surface and hurl their bodies skyward is a rare, mesmerizing sight.
Ever notice how the people who have nothing worthwhile to say and only want to hurl insults deliberately leave off their names.
Atlatl throwers hurl a dart forward with a throwing motion of the arm.
Next comes a layer of longer brush, called hurl, pointing the other way.
Gray whales occasionally hurl themselves out of the water and plunge back in with a tremendous splash.

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