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For many students and their families, scraping together the money to pay for college is a big enough hurdle on its own.
True, interest rates have been falling, so perhaps hurdle rates should be adjusted.
The biggest hurdle facing solar power is cost-effectiveness.
But stimulating their sparse natural production remains a hurdle in developing an antiviral therapy.
Those that don't make it over that hurdle never make it to kitchen trials.
One major hurdle to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles is the time needed to recharge them.
Finding short-term housing in each city was perhaps the biggest hurdle.
The second hurdle for a would-be lawyer is the bar exam itself.
It's this cost that has traditionally been the hurdle over which video calling has stumbled.
This, however, would require overcoming the highest hurdle of all: the political and economic consensus for low inflation.
Converting that power into propulsion is another crucial hurdle.
But the political challenge for government will be a much more difficult hurdle to clear.
Had he agreed to surmount that hurdle they would have certainly set another before him.
The more the financial system costs to run, the higher the hurdle.
Although you have options in terms of access points, each comes with its own hurdle.
But as in imperial times, the country's scale can prove more of a hurdle than an opportunity.
The final hurdle overcome by the manufacturers was the packaging and storage of espresso.
The biggest remaining hurdle is that people don't know about volunteer computing.
It was an impossible hurdle for them, as it has been for so many since then.
The final hurdle involved teaching the pigs to line up the cursor with an icon on the screen.
The third hurdle will be convincing private pilots, who pride themselves on self-reliance, to buy and install the system.
The biggest hurdle the researchers face might be public approval.
Drawing enough manpower to fuel the project is yet another hurdle.
Actually, that's not the only hurdle this needs to clear.
There is much to be done, but one major hurdle is that the programs are patented.
Another tricky hurdle is accounting for variable traction and terrain.
There is no theoretical process that would prevent that from happening so this is a high hurdle indeed.
The big hurdle is holding the two paradigms in one's mind at the same time, and comparing.
While this option is interesting, it seems to share one major hurdle with cloning: it will be cost prohibitive.
Not having the biggest hurdle would be quite and advantage.
Here she takes a bold run at the linguistic challenge, only to fall at the hurdle of the first vowel sound.
Mutant hitchhikers may become a major hurdle in the quest to send humans deeper into the galaxy, scientists say.
But there is a big hurdle, and it is not simply name recognition.
All this non-wage compensation is a hurdle for employers.
You've introduced a prohibitive psychological hurdle for kids who want to get their food and go.
Government is supposed to be a crutch for the private sector, but it's becoming a hurdle for national employment.
In marketing their remarkable illusions, the proprietors faced an enormous hurdle.
The biggest hurdle is the apparent unpredictability of individual behaviour.
The remaining hurdle, admittedly a high one, is to collect the current from the antennae.
The work requirement, according to the developer, has been the biggest hurdle.
The robot uses a powerful leg to help hurdle itself over tall barriers.
Instead, they cast around for businesses to buy, or try to hurdle the chasm with what they have got.
Our first hurdle has been understanding the magnitude of the challenge.
Graduating more physicians is one step, but finding spots for them to train as medical residents remains a hurdle.
The promotion-and-tenure committee had easily approved his third-year review-allegedly the crucial hurdle on the path to tenure.
You're right, that is a pretty insurmountable hurdle.
With that hurdle behind it, work has been under way to get it up and running.
The same region may also be responsible for relapses, the major hurdle in treating drug addiction in people.
Another anticipated hurdle would be the intense heat at launch from one planet and the heat at impact on another.
In the past, the biggest hurdle to effective recycling was developing a steady, stable market for recycled materials.
Another hurdle was to build a system that could power up in less than five seconds.
Perhaps the creepy factor will be a hurdle to over come when marketing house-hold walking robots and things of that sort.
The best communication skills in the world mean nothing if that first hurdle isn't met.
One hurdle in quantum computing is getting the information to last long enough to use it.
Getting the bags to a recycling facility in the first place may be a hurdle as well.
In order to overcome this hurdle, one would have to essentially teleport around the galaxy.
One hurdle, phone companies say, is that mobile phone coverage inside homes and businesses often isn't as good as it is outside.
While this hurdle might turn off some potential users, it seems to have created the sense of exclusivity that's added to the buzz.
But going from a couple of prototypes to large teams of robots will mean overcoming a big hurdle: energy.
One engineering hurdle remains before the sensors are ready for such applications, however.
But once conquered, these long living people who choose not to change may be the biggest hurdle to progress after that.
First, that foursome won the shuttle hurdle relay for the second straight year.
The chief hurdle it has to take is the high standard of its predecessors.
Biggest hurdle: getting the robot to convert those captured mollusks into usable energy.
Proposed scenic byway clears first hurdle in state approval process.
The higher the hurdle rate, the less likely a consumer will invest in energy efficiency.
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