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Example sentences for hunks

Water works into these seams, expands as ice, and snaps loose hunks of rock.
Galaxy's offerings come shredded, grated, in slices and in hunks.
These biscotti are crumbly delivery systems for chewy apricot bits, hunks of dark chocolate, and crunchy almonds.
Over the years large hunks of its blowzy decoration have been removed, leaving it more curiosity than contretemps.
They battered the shutters of shops, broke in and seized whatever they could, from hunks of meat to gas canisters and clothing.
The giant hunks of ice are removed from storage and stacked on top of one another.
The company is creating beer-tap handles with hunks of amber embedded in the tip.
Instead of moving stuff around in large hunks on trucks and trains, they move it around in tiny little hunks on bicycles.
They looked at the hunks of purple of my plate and wrinkled their noses.
Scores of bikini-clad babes and bare-chested hunks downing drinks by the pool.
After carving out several fist-sized hunks of ice, she came over to take our order.
Curling among the hunks of wreckage were threads of blood.
The couple were tortured with corkscrews that pulled out hunks of flesh.
Contained in the seal oil jar were hunks of decomposed seal meat.
But satellites are more than hunks of metal with a camera drifting in space.
They had big hunks of meat stuck on sticks and holding them over the fire, browning them.
Put hunks of fresh ginger in a jar and pour in dry sherry to cover.
Country music these days has a thing about hunks-with or even without hats.
Printed books will become expensive niche items for those who admire bound hunks of paper.
The result is meat that is easily scooped off the bone in soft hunks.

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