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Wild animals come to us when they are hungry or starving or they have dropped out of their nest and they need food.
When you're tired and hungry between meals, it's probably because your blood sugar level is low.
If words were food, nobody would go hungry.
You've got to be hungry to succeed as an entrepreneur.
Knowledge-hungry kids will devour this summer's nonfiction offerings.
The number of hungry people in the world remains stubbornly high.
When they emerge, the young larvae are hungry.
The big cats are cunning, hungry, and—some believe—not of this world.
In nature animals try to eat when hungry.
Publishers of diet and fitness books feed a hungry readership.
The title character saves his duck family from hungry crocodiles.
Clearly, people were hungry for the old, connected ways of eating.
And when you get hungry, you can sit by a fountain on a shady patio and have lunch.
And that photo of roasted chicken made me really hungry.
Serve immediately to your hungry guests and place any remaining brats into the steaming hot tub.
When you get hungry enough cooking up that old bird is a fairly simple equation.
Whenever you're hungry, not when the stinky cart clunks by.
Hungry dogs, from the villages around, come running by and lick the blood from wounds.
And chides the lagging night, and whets her hungry beak.
They soon up with their mussels, and hie them home to stay their hungry stomachs.
Hungry house cats use an annoying but irresistible combination of sounds when they want to be fed, a new study has found.
Its tail also helps a gecko escape from hungry predators.
People were hungry, reduced to eating chaff and weeds.
There was no respect for tradition, no respect for people who were hungry.
Army ants are truly devastating predators, but escaping the hungry horde is still possible.
Powerful fins propel the streamlined fish toward meals of smaller fish and squid-and away from hungry sharks.
First the two heads have to decide they're both hungry at the same time, and then they have to agree to pursue the same prey.
It's a well-earned name because its swarming with hungry mosquitoes, pestering gnats and poisonous snakes.
Our hot and hungry world could face a perpetual food crisis.
More people in the developing world are now overweight than hungry.
If a given patch of land is saved, then a farmer will go hungry.
There's no evidence to suggest that there's any more to it than that people get snappy when they're hungry.
The hungry dogs could see and hear the treats-but they could not get at them.
Rather one billion people are hungry, another billion are at risk of hunger and many more simply do not consume much.
Food variety and flavor additives such as sugar and other flavor enhancers make food desirable even when you are not hungry.
Apparently there is a difference between being hungry and having cravings.
Bring power bars so you avoid the candy machine when you're hungry.
The students are also a true pleasure to teach as they are so hungry for knowledge.
In other words, there's a reason why you feel tired and hungry after intensive intellectual work.
My students were hungry for the study of philosophy and journalism.
Nothing matches the energy density of fossil fuels in an increasingly energy-hungry world.
When the retail pie is so small to begin with, those slices are going to send us all to bed mighty hungry.
Every night, whether or not you were hungry or found it convenient or safe to stop working.
They hadn't put out a new album in more than four years, and the market was hungry for their next disc.
He also served several hundred hungry science fiction fans.
The small dinosaurs had no idea they were being watched by hungry eyes.
Ground squirrels wave their tails to appear larger to, and thus intimidate, hungry snakes.
It left me hungry for more views of uses of this technique.
Of all those who for hours stood there in hungry anticipation, comparatively few obtained a dinner.
He has learned to lob a defrosted ox heart full of medicine toward a hungry lion for a study of intestinal parasites.
There really are kids out there who won't eat even when they are hungry, and every kids is so different.
Hungry children are also less likely to be schooled, making higher-paid work less possible.
On the one hand, look at all those hungry, beautiful tigers.
And on the other hand, look at all those hungry, beautiful tigers.
Faced with the unappealing prospect of going hungry, farmers began hiding their grain.
The entire country suffers when children are hungry and deprived of basic nutrition.
They can be vilified as power-hungry renegades interested only in celebrity.
The hungry go for solace to drink and tobacco, sometimes to more powerful drugs.
Though it didn't survive scrutiny, it was the kind of bold stroke that people are hungry for.
Images of food riots and hungry people stir deep emotions.
Eritreans are tired and hungry, but the government sticks to a mantra of self-reliance.
They can be power hungry, tend to produce washed-out images in bright sunlight and are often thick and inflexible.
High prices are adding millions to the number who go to bed hungry each night.
When it comes to water-hungry golf courses, however, a blind eye is turned.
If they are good they leave one hungry for the next encounter.
Funds can survive off a management fee for a couple of years, but four is a long time to go hungry.
Near-zero rich-world rates encourage yield-hungry investors to place their short-term funds in emerging markets.
Ruined harvests caused crippling food shortages that put more than half of the population at risk of going hungry in the spring.
Restaurants have, over the years, proved themselves plenty capable of handling the yearnings of dessert-hungry diners.
Your guests are settled in, comfortable, and hungry.
But eventually the floodgates opened and hungry immigrants poured in.
If you were hungry, you had to make yourself something.
The gulls have come inshore, and they cry always, lonesome and hungry.
Needless to say, we're intrigued, and starting to get hungry.
The snails still slither their hungry way over the leaves of the vineyards.
Today's soldiers are more power hungry than ever, and the army believes flexible solar cells can provide the extra juice.
E-paper reflects light instead of emitting it, which makes it less power hungry and easier to read in bright sunlight.
Reviewers get showered with toys, gadgets and software from companies hungry for publicity.
It's also crucial in the power-hungry server farms that make up the cloud.
Other flexible electronics, based on organic semiconductors rather than silicon, tend to be slower and more power-hungry.
There are some people who are extremely hungry unless they are obese.
We give billions to feed the hungry all over the world.
It has remained inventive, hungry and committed to social causes.
Some of the others were toothless, hungry folk in tattered clothes, who came from nearby shantytowns.
He wrote for people hungry for moral clarity, for nostalgia, for a softer world.
She'd wanted to be a television personality before she got sidetracked into books-she was hungry for television.
Both were hungry and weather-beaten, especially the bear.
Century after century, the spice trade beckoned those hungry for flavor, profit or adventure.
Let's say there's a population of hungry crocodiles at the bottom.
They place a hungry caterpillar on several of the plants.
Glucocorticoids are necessary for surviving a stressful sprint across the savanna with a hungry leopard on one's tail.
Because fluoride is so electron-hungry, it will latch onto chemicals that can provide electrons.
These hungry rodents would then have eaten the palm seeds, preventing the forest from regenerating.
As a result, two or three hours later you often feel hungry.
One of the breakdown products is chlorine, a highly reactive, electron-hungry atom.
For instance, antelope pursued by hungry cheetahs often leap acrobatically straight into the air, a practice called stotting.
Our hardwired gut reactions developed in a world full of hungry beasts and warring clans, where they served important functions.
Finally, teosinte--with its few kernels and rigid fruit cases--would have proved a difficult harvest for hungry hunter- gatherers.
Hungry bears started breaking into garbage cans, ambling onto ranches, and damaging property.
If the smell was simply making them hungry, the gender of its source wouldn't matter.
When a great white shark gets hungry, it doesn't simply head for a crowd of seals and pick off the closest one.
People worry about the ethics of putting corn into gas tanks with ethanol when populations are hungry.
And, oh, you get hungry for some of the things you see.
And, he adds, tests have shown that hungry predators are not attracted by the acoustic pings.
Observing all night does make one hungry, especially if it is cold.
He wasn't hungry for meat, but he needed his minerals.
Hungry snails swallow the eggs, which hatch in their intestines.
Big, hungry flocks that surround park benches and sidewalk tables and demand sustenance.
Where the straits are perilous, more hungry spittle.
Those who remained lost their land and often went hungry as the state requisitioned food for export.
He is often hungry and writes about food with relish.
For example, evolutionary psychology explains why babies emit piercing howls and wails when they are hungry or uncomfortable.
Fidel remembers bitterly that the teacher stinted on the children's food, and that he was always hungry.
If the world-government were in the hands of hungry nations there would always be danger.
Hungry academia, which will do anything for endowments, discovered scholarly attainments in his twin sister.
Your group will harvest fresh produce for the hungry.
Writer notes that the number of overweight people in the world outnumber the number who are hungry.
She said she was hungry, but couldn't get anything down.
It is the tragedy of his life that he isn't allowed to stay hungry.
There is nobody to blame for this resonance-for the sensory education that movies have fed to a hungry public.
There's an old wives' tale that says babies cry when they're hungry.
Sick and hungry children have a harder time in school.
But experience is a problematic argument, especially when voters are hungry for a new beginning.
When the same happens with food, people go hungry or even starve.

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